Lording the Ladies:A Gallant's Guide to Picking Up Polish Women

Casanova's partner in crime, the Prince de Ligne (1735-1814), was a considerable match for his Italian friend when it came to the art of seduction. A regular guest at Europe's wittiest salons, the Prince was a connoisseur of a great many things, not least the charms of the fairer sex. It was in Warsaw, however, that the Prince experienced one of his most pleasant surprises, and he wrote to a friend of his discovery: 'Polish ladies,' he espoused, 'have a grace, a charm and an abandon superior to those of women of all other parts of the world.'

Today, travellers continue to be struck by the charms of Polish ladies. And there can be no denying that they do have a certain je ne sais crois. But how does one behave if they endeavour to get their 'passport punched?' Here in Poland, chivalry still reigns supreme. Much as we hate to say it, flowers still carry a lot of currency and are a classic must, and a kiss on the hand goes a long way, even with the youngest of maidens (of consenting age!). As does paying for absolutely everything (pony up, boys). If you chance upon a Polish lass who doesn't subscribe to these customs, full steam ahead brother - you've got a keeper. Overall, however, femininity enjoys a good game of fetch. If that doesn't sound like your bag, bear the sound words of Grzesio Cieplinski in mind: 'He who does not know Polish ladies does not know life.'

If Cupid's arrow strikes you down whilst travelling through this fair country, we may just be able to help out. We asked an exacting Polish lady to share her thoughts on the matter of mating games and she very graciously prepared for us the following flattering declarations in hopes of improving our chances, and yours. So, without further ado, here are a few classic expressions to help you step into Casanova's well-heeled shoes and plow the way to a Polish lady's heart. Bonne Chance mes amis!

It works on all kinds, for all kinds...

Polish Pick-Up Lines

Raczki caluje laskawej Pani Dobrodziejce...sciele sie do nozek.
I kiss your hands, Madam, my gracious benefactor - I fall prostrate at your feet.

Pani uroda mnie zachwyca i oniesmiela... Brak mi slow...
Your beauty is clearly intimidating...there are no words, or perhaps it is beyond description...

Pani uroda mnie olsniewa. Jestem wprost bez tchu.
Your beauty is dazzling. I am stunned and breathless...

Wyglada Pani wprost zniewalajaco.
You look absolutely captivating.

Wyglada Pani swiezo jak wiosenny poranek.
You look as fresh as a spring morning.

Zyczenie laskawej Pani jest mi rozkazem.
Your wish is my command, m'lady.

Czy zechce Pani zaszczycic mnie chwila swego uroczego towarzystwa?
Would you care to honour me with your precious time and charming company?

Niebo blednie wobec barwy Pani oczu.
The skies are pale compared to the colour of your eyes.

Czy nie zechcialaby Pani udac sie ze mna na niewielki spacer?
Would you care to grace me with a little walk?

Czy nie zechcialaby Pani obejrzec mojej kolekcji znaczkow, lub kolekcji motyli?
Would you like to see my stamp collection, or my butterfly collection?

Pani inteligencja mnie doprawdy zdumiewa!
Your brightness leaves me stunned indeed! *[Editor's note: Commonly used after prior proposal is rejected]*

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Emma from United Kingdom Reply Apr 3rd, 2016

Hey, can anyone tell me how polish ppl pronounce this name ( Marzena )? Thankss

Grig from Armenia Reply Aug 14th, 2014

I am going to Wraclaw, Poland at the begining of September. I am in a need of a beautiful female guide for 10 days long. Please contact Grig at grig.ohanyan@gmail.com

R Donald from Canada Reply Feb 12th, 2013

How about: Nie mogę dać ci wiele o przyszłości, ale I może stanowić ciekawą przeszłość

Caz from United States Reply Nov 29th, 2012

we do not have the vowel sounding letters . My pick up line ....I cannot fit any more Zloty's in my suitcase . I will have to take two .

John from United Kingdom Reply Jul 2nd, 2012

Why u didn't use ą, ę, ć, ó, ż, ź? :D

Miguel Hernandez from Kenya Reply Jul 10th, 2011

They R kInD oF AweSoME,I wulD tRy N uSe the FirST thO'

Ogden from United Kingdom Reply Jun 16th, 2011

No I rather think that you are pathetic! Have you seen how lovely, in every sense, Polish girls are?!

Ogden from United Kingdom Reply Jun 16th, 2011

No I rather think that you are pathetic! Have you seen how lovely, in every sense, Polish girls are?!

Romans from United States Reply Aug 10th, 2010

That is pathetic! To all polish brave knights: Poland is so poor because you waste your life with love! Don't be so romantic and don't dedicate your whole life to girls. There is much more out there then love!

Shay from United States Reply Jun 21st, 2010

Boy: So, where are they?
Girl: Where's what?
Boy: Your wings, I know an angel when I see one.

That worked on me when I was 13...

Bernard Darnley from United Kingdom Reply May 18th, 2010

How about? "You're a fine agricultural girl, can I WOW! you with my poetry". e.g. Wierzy w przeznaczeniea.

Clive from United Kingdom Reply Apr 8th, 2010

I can't find 'Do you have a younger sister ?' Can you help ?

John from United States Reply Mar 9th, 2010

hahaha, these are hilARIOUS! do they work?

Magan and Amanda from United States Reply Nov 19th, 2007

You wouln't use those here!

RK from United States Reply Nov 11th, 2007

*dies laughing*

Babah from Algeria Reply Nov 1st, 2007

CZy zechce mi Pani obciagnac sweter?

The Goat from United States Reply Oct 22nd, 2007

THERE IS NO CHIVALRY!!! Write some real pick-up lines...

Big D from United Kingdom Reply Oct 22nd, 2007

what about the tried and tested 'masz piekna dupeczke'...?