Prague Gay Pub Crawl

Prague Gay Pub Crawl
95% from 37 reviews
Prague Gay Pub Crawl
Národní 2, Praha

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Francois from France Reply Feb 15th, 2017

Great introduction of gay scene in Prague. Do it early after arrival so you know where to go and what to do later on. Very helpful staff they make for us even a reservation of buss to go to Cesky Krumlov - very nice touch!

Mike from Brazil Reply Jan 18th, 2017

Hi pub crawl staff. I don't have a Tripadvisor profile so just wanna thank you at least here. It was the best night in Czech Rep., maybe in all Europe :) I would do it again straight away !!! Great service, great people, amazing places.

Jansen from Denmark Reply Jan 12th, 2017

The guide was absolutely amazing, welcoming and sweet. I did some tours in Prague and around and the guides were OK but with this crawl it is as if you go out with a friend of yours you have known for years. Cannot recommend enough:)

Martin from Germany Reply Nov 21st, 2016

I had some doubts. Will this really be worth the fee? Why not just go out on my own? Well. It turned out to be a very fun night. Great and friendly guide. Great group members. Fast access to all bars and clubs. And much more drinks than I expected. Had a blast. Will do it again for sure!

Sinthi from Germany Reply Nov 16th, 2016

An excellent night, enough drinks, nice places (some of them hidden gems, I would say) and cool people. This tour was the best I did in Prague. Going to Vienna now. Do you know if there is something similar?

David from Andorra Reply Sep 18th, 2016

Hi We have enjoyed the pub crawl last night so much. We are going back in December and definitely book with you again. Thanx. David

Stephan from Germany Reply Sep 6th, 2016

The coolest thing to the in Prague in the evening. The guide is really the greatest asset!

Phill from Netherlands Reply Aug 26th, 2016

Very well organized. Perfect introduction to gay night life in Prague with a guide who is second to none.

Carlos from Mexico Reply Aug 2nd, 2016

Fue una noche estupenda. Gracias.

Rob from United States Reply Aug 1st, 2016

I haven't gone on this yet but enjoyed reading the reviews. The only negative reviews I read were not in the control of the guide like the loud music. I can't imagine anyone going into any bar and asking that the music be turned down. I can also understand there may be a distance between bars. I want to go to the best bars, not the closest ones. What a great way to see some gay spots if your visiting. I am looking forward to my visit in August and will write another review after.

Prague Gay Pub Crawl from Czech Republic Aug 2nd, 2016

Hello Rob. It has never happened to us that we would receive such a great review in advance :) Thank you! We are looking forward to take care of you in August and I hope your expectations will be fulfilled.

Javier from Mexico Reply Jul 6th, 2016

Una noche estupenda. Sobre todo el guia es muy simpatico y tambien los bares que se visitan son excelente. Gracias muchachos.

Alejandro from Spain Reply Jun 17th, 2016

Hi. I have already write two times to your Trip Advisor page but it never went through. The tour was amazing and the guide even better. It was a real highlight of my trip to Prague.

John Reply Jun 5th, 2016

If you're in Prague and you've already seen astronomical clock and the rest :) go for this pub crawl. Well organized, relaxed guide, good bars, a lot of fun.

Ben from United States Reply May 19th, 2016

Hi guys. Thanx for the night. We drank the entire bar lol. Btw. I loved the guide, Vojta ;)

Vladis from Russia Reply May 5th, 2016

The drinks were plenty, the mates were friendly, the guide was extremely good and handsome :D Great experience.

Dan from France Reply Apr 10th, 2016

Hey guys. Awesome night out! Vojta the guide is amazing. I have sent a review on Trip Advisor as well ;)

Triny from Aruba Reply Mar 27th, 2016

Didnt know that something like this actually existed. Prague is a beautiful city full of places of interest but if I really enjoyed something during my stay it was this night.

Toni from Thailand Reply Feb 21st, 2016

Best event ever :)) Actually its my first time to do a gay bar tour like this, even in many Asian cities we do not have this kind of event. Very good organised. Special thanx for our Guide, Adam, it was really funny night, we enjoyed so much. For everyone who will be first time for gay night in Prague, very recommended. best greet, Toni

Diano from Chile Reply Feb 4th, 2016

hi crawlers. I did gay crawl in amsterdam and london before and both of them are kinda "formal". I had much more fun in prague. no rude security at the entrance, no showing your ID at the bar all the time and no long list of precautions what you should or shouldn't do.

Mike from Israel Reply Jan 31st, 2016

I took part in one tour about two weeks ago. I enjoyed myself even though there were just eight of us (I had expected a huge group). Anyway, I met some local guys in the clubs we went and all in all it was a pleasant night.

Prague Gay Pub Crawl from Czech Republic May 5th, 2016

Thank you for your feedback, Mike. The groups are rather small so we can make sure that everyone is involved and we can sit together at one table in the first bar.

Sander from Belize Reply Jan 7th, 2016

Hi a great way how to spend a night. The sauna/steam thing is hoooot. Good that you have added it to the tour officially. Give you a shout when I'm back in town ;) Sandy

Prague Gay Pub Crawl from Czech Republic Jan 12th, 2016

Hi Sandy. Absolutely, the guys enjoy our winter tours with relax in sauna or steam as you did;) Let us know when you're back. Cheers. David

Richard from Germany Reply Dec 20th, 2015

I attended Christmas special this Friday and had an exceptional time. There was a show in a club we visited during the tour and even though I think it was a little bit "average" the group of people made is somehow special. Thank you :)

carol Reply Dec 18th, 2015

Excellent night out :D Met so many interesting people. It is especially great way of socializing if you come to Prague just for 2 or 3 days.

Miren Reply Dec 8th, 2015

The morning was cruel... so never more :D But had a lot of fun

Henrik from Austria Reply Dec 8th, 2015

A way better than "an ordinary" pub crawl that is offered in every big city. That was such a pleasant evening and night with very nice people (might by just lucky, don't know). Anyway, thumb up :D

Pepe from Portugal Reply Dec 5th, 2015

A really wild party! Will repeat it when in Prague again :D

Jonas from Cyprus Reply Dec 5th, 2015

Other European capitals definitely lack something similar. Good introduction to Prague's gay scene

Senzi from Brazil Reply Dec 3rd, 2015

We did enjoy the crawling and I like the fact that you can meet a lot of Czech guys. Anyway the tour is for 4 hrs (though the guide stayed with us even after that). Isn't it too short???

Prague Gay Pub Crawl from Czech Republic Dec 5th, 2015

Hi Senzi. As you you wrote I am happy to stay with crawlers even long after midnight ;) David

Marco from Spain Reply Dec 1st, 2015

Hi guys. Thanks for the crawl on Friday. Is it possible to get the photos from that night? Marco

Prague Gay Pub Crawl from Czech Republic Dec 1st, 2015

Hi Marco! Sure, drop us an email and we will send them to you.

Joseao from Brazil Reply Dec 1st, 2015

This a perfect way how to meet new people while on your holiday. Relaxed, easygoing guide, international environment and plenty of Czech beer :D What a combination!

Meghan from Australia Reply Nov 27th, 2015

There is so many options when it comes to pub crawl in Prague but we found just one that caters to GLBT community. The guide was fine, people in the group as well however, we did not find selection of drinks satisfying. There were 5 to 10 coctails in most of the places, which is quite poor. Also the music in the third bar where we spent most of the time was too loud for me so I ask the guide if they can turn it down a little bit. He tried to negotiate with barman but without success. I think you could do better.

Prague Gay Pub Crawl from Czech Republic Dec 1st, 2015

Hi Meghan. Thank you for your review. I'm sad to hear that there were some drawbacks from your point of you during your crawl. We do take care to select places where we go in order to set a high standard and the selection of beverages is certainly very important. However, the bars we visit are not meant to be cocktail bars with 20 and more mixed drinks on the menu. As for the loud music there were about 11 of us that night and more than 200 other people who were having a great time and enjoying the music. I didn't try to persuade the barman to turn the music down (as the club has its own policy for this) but to get another table for us. Unfortunately, Fridays and Saturdays are always busy. As we really appreciate every opinion that helps us improve our services please send us your booking number and we will be happy to refund 50% of the price. Cheers. David

Aslak from Norway Reply Nov 27th, 2015

Highly recommended. I had a great time and met a handsome boy ;)

Bernhardt from Germany Reply Nov 27th, 2015

This is definitely a must do if you in Prague for the first time. I have already visited the city three times but when I took this gay crawl during my last stay I was so surprised how many gay places there are. David is a great guide. Thanks for all your recommendation. Bern.

Michael from France Reply Nov 26th, 2015

Hello Keep doing good job mates. We had a great time. The only issue I was thinking about was the price it is more expensive that other pub crawls. On the other side you will get quite a lot for your money.

Prague Gay Pub Crawls Nov 27th, 2015

Hi Michael. Thanks for you opinion. Yes, we are 5 Eur more expensive than all the other pub crawls in Prague. BUT with us: NO cheap booze in plastic cups, NO happy hour in a "bar" made by joining tables together in rented empty room where is nobody else but pub crawl participants, NO guides recruited from part-time students who know just the locations of selected bars. David

Jonas from Germany Reply Nov 26th, 2015

Hi Thanks for great night! You guys doing a good job. All the best.

Marco from Italy Reply Nov 24th, 2015

I didn't find any reviews about this crawl so me and my friend were hesitating whether to go for it or not. Don't know why there is no more promotion(?) In the end it was a fun night and we truly enjoyed it! The only drawback was a long distance between two of the bar we visited cover by tram. I think customers should know it in advance!!!

Prague Gay Pub Crawl from Czech Republic Nov 25th, 2015

Hi Marco I'm sorry that you hadn't found much information about our Gay Pub Crawl. We are independent guides and our project is at the beginning. We believe that happy travelers like you are our best asset so thank you for finding time to write your experience! In addition we will revise the route in terms of distance as you mentioned.

Ian from Netherlands Reply Nov 23rd, 2015

I took part in the Friday gay pub crawl and it was pretty awesome experience. Our guide David showed us couple of bars in most popular gay areas of the city which names I don't remember :D Anyway, there were about 14 of us and the guide who made sure everyone had a good time. As the time (and booze) was flowing we became more relaxed and ended up dancing in a club till about 4 am! Great way how to enjoy local night life, especially if you're travelling alone ;)

Prague Gay Pub Crawl from Czech Republic Nov 25th, 2015

Hi Ian Thank you for your review! I'm really glad that you enjoyed our tour with the others. Hope to see you in Prague again in very near future. Cheers ;) David

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