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Whether you're simply spoiling yourself or trying to track down that perfect present for Auntie Noreen, its always difficult to know where to begin when you're in an unfamiliar city. Here are some ideas to get you started as well as a couple of tips about the best places to pick up good books and newspapers. Cracow is changing all the time and individual stores with real character are opening up week in week out so it shouldn't be a problem to find what you're after (or a nice surprise that you weren't expecting!). Of course if you prefer the shopping mall experience then Galeria Kazimierz, Galeria Krakowska and the newly opened Bonarka City Centre are essential ports of call.

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Top rated shopping in Krakow


Diesel [closed]

Fashion Old Town

Top quality clothes from the Diesel dudes

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Pachnacy Sklepik

Pachnacy Sklepik [closed]

Natural Old Town

Delightful shop on a nineteenth century avenue

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Beauty Boutique

Beauty Boutique [closed]

Beauty Old Town

Luxurious beauty treatment on Jana

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Gallery Oliwka

Gallery Oliwka [closed]

Fashion Old Town

Hip new boutique just off the square

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Vintage Classics

Vintage Classics [closed]

Vintage Old Town

Get the Look!

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Czuly Barbarzynca w Krakowie

Czuly Barbarzynca w Krakowie [closed]


Revealing the tender face of a barbarian within each of us

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Fashion Forum

Fashion Forum [closed]


More than a concept store

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Design Forum

Design Forum [closed]


The spirit of creativity is in the air

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Herbaty Swiata Akso

Herbaty Swiata Akso [closed]

Tea Old Town

Lovely tea shop in Cracow's Old Town

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Herbaty Swiata Akso

Herbaty Swiata Akso [closed]

Tea Further out

Teas of the world unite!

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Mikolajczyki Amber

Mikolajczyki Amber [closed]

Amber Old Town

Amber treasure trove at the foot of the castle

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Boruni [closed]

Gallery Old Town

New amber oasis on Florianska

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Dessous Fashion

Dessous Fashion [closed]

Lingerie Old Town

Elegant lingerie in the heart of the Market Square

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Soho Concept Store

Soho Concept Store [closed]

Fashion Old Town

The concept of fashion

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Winestory [closed]

Wine Old Town

Wine galore from the New World

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Art Shop

Art Shop [closed]

Art Old Town

Putting the heart in art

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The Candy Shop

The Candy Shop [closed]

Confectionery Old Town

The first and only traditional sweetshop in Krakow

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