Vegetarian Restaurants in Wroclaw

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ul. Włodkowica 21

1. Woosabi Wrocław

6 reviews
Rynek 27a

2. VEGA Bar Wegański

2 reviews
Plac Kościuszki 12

3. Nalanda

0 reviews

Reviews about Vegetarian Restaurants in Wroclaw

Very good hostel.

Woosabi Wrocław

During my stay in Wroclav I visited some vegan restaurants but in my opninion the best vegeburger I ate in Vega Bar, that's why this place is worth of visiting. I came here because I found information in the paper-printed, purple Guide - I don't believe the opinions about restaurants on the internet.

VEGA Bar Wegański

I was there because I found information about this place in the paper-printed, purple Guide that I get in one of the Wroclaw's information centre. I read the text, went there and now I can recommend this place!

Woosabi Wrocław

Great vegan & vegetarian cuisine.

VEGA Bar Wegański

Food excellent, atmosphere FANTASTIC, prices very reasonable! Recommendable

Woosabi Wrocław

hey, I ate here last week and I just wanted to say thank youuuuu cause it was delicious and your place is pretty :)

Woosabi Wrocław

I was there yesterday with my friends - there were crowds of people. Just great place to be!

Woosabi Wrocław

Excellent, good fun & cuisine and fancy drinks

Woosabi Wrocław