Wroclaw Property

For some time now savvy investors have been making small and rather large fortunes buying property in Poland, and Wroclaw has been no exception. If you were smart enough to pick up something five or ten years ago you may well have quintupled your money. Such lucrative profits are simply no longer possible, but that doesn't mean its time to pack your bags and attempt to buy up a village or two in Afghanistan. The whole of Poland has been marked for steady growth by property analysts with Wroclaw being one of the safest bets, so if you're looking for a low-risk, high-yield investment some real estate in these parts of Poland is still a winner.

Of course there is much more than choosing a city to consider when buying property wisely. Location within the city is key and it's hard to see apartments and other real estate around the Old Town doing anything other than increase in value. Smart purchases can also be made along good transport lines and in developing areas - Plac Grunwaldzki could prove a wise bet. Needless to say when you're investing your life-savings in a property do so only after plenty of research and soliciting of advice from the experts...

The Law on Purchasing a Property in Poland

Citizens of EU countries, as well as Icelanders, Norwegians and Liechtensteiners get an easier ride on the bureaucracy front when buying property in Poland, however if you're after farmland or forest matters get a little more complicated.

However, as far as urban property goes, applicants shouldn't encounter too many problems, whether you're a citizen of one the aforementioned countries or not. If 'not' then you will have to apply for a special permit from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but this is generally forthcoming, provided you're not a known terrorist.


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