Wroclaw's Railway Station Makeover

Following two years of extensive renovations, Wroclaw's central railway station - Wroclaw Glowny - has opened to the public. During its renovations, the train platforms were accessible from a side entrance with a temporary building acting as ticket office. And not only has the station been upgraded visually with newer and better quality materials, but many aspects have also been modernized.

Wroclaw's train station, particularly its train platforms, already had a sort of 1930s charm. But after the renovations, the station's charms finally have a chance to shine through the grime that had piled up over the years. The main hall now boasts a brand new wooden panelled ceiling, up-to-the-minute train information displays, escalators, new amenities including restaurants and toilet facilities, and a clean, airy feel within its atrium-like interior.

In addition, a former German war-era bunker beneath the train station has been converted into underground parking - how's that for uniquely Wroclawian innovation!


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