Local Punk Music Film In First Crowdfunding Attempt

Local filmmakers are attempting to reach their final funding goal using a technique known as crowdfunding, which could result in the first crowdfunded film in Polands history.

Entitled Za to że Żyjemy, Czyli Punk z Wrocka (To Be Alive), the film follows the history of Wroclaws unique punk and new wave rock scenes from as far back as the 70s to today, featuring legendary musicians from across the country. The film is in the final stages of production, and requires only 4000 PLN (under 1000 euro) to complete the last week of shooting, as well as editing, and animation.

Crowdfunding is a popular way for many creative projects to receive funding directly from fans. The most popular website for crowdfunding is Kickstarter, and Poland has its own version as well, in the form of Polak Potrafi.

Learn more about the film at its official website.


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