Wroclaw Triumphant as 2016 European Capital of Culture

Wroclaw is currently celebrating a great victory for the city, beating Warsaw, Gdansk, Lublin, and Katowice to win a nomination for the 2016 European Capital of Culture.

It was a fierce race between Poland's major cities, as participating towns worked tirelessly to portray their own cultural aspirations as the most unique and attractive within Poland. However, in the end Wroclaw was victorious with a unanimous vote from an international panel of EU and Polish experts nominating the city.

Wroclaw is celebrated for its international festivals (such as Wratislavia Cantans, Jazz on the Odra, and the acclaimed New Horizons film festival), and has worked hard to improve its cultural centres to modern, international standards.

The final decision will be presented in May 2015, as the European Commission will approve a 1.5 million euro prize to Wroclaw. One Spanish city will also join Wroclaw as the 2016 European Capital of Culture.


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rafael zulaika

and we are very happy to be also 2016 European Capital of Culture! As Donostia-San Sebastian (my city) is the winner. For sure we will become partners in a lot of interesting cultural projects!

Reply Jun 30th, 2011