Over 5000 Guitarists Strum Hey Joe

As is the annual tradition on Wroclaw's Market Square, thousands of guitarists - professional and amateur alike - gathered for yet another attempt to break the Guinness world record for largest guitar ensemble. Having set the record themselves in 2009, this year's failure to topple the standing record (over 6000 players) doesn't seem like much of a set back - after all, Wroclaw now holds the top three spots in the record books anyway!

This year, exactly 5601 guitar players registered for the event, together playing Hendrix's legendary "Hey Joe". A competition for more original instrument was also held, with the winner emerging as a guitar made from a shovel. Later, guitar music fans set off for a concert to mark the end of the festival, featuring performances from Al Di Meola, Neil Zaza, and Ten Year After.


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