New Synagogue Wins Award

The New Synagogue in Ostrow Wieklopolski, approximately 100 km north-east of Wroclaw, has been awarded "Facade of the Year" in a Poland-wide competition showcasing outstanding work in architecture, reconstruction, and renovation completed in the year 2010.

The synagogue's original construction was completed in 1860 led by designer Mortiz Lande in a Moorish Revival style. The synagogue served the local Jewish community for many years, and was spared destruction, unlike the rest of the Jewish Quarter, during World War II due to its role as a storage facility for alcohol and food. Its community destroyed, the New Synagogue was rarely used after the war.

It wasn't until after 2006, when Ostrow Wielkopolski paid 225 000 zloty (approximately 58 000 euro) for ownership of the building from the Jewish community in Wroclaw did renovations commence.

The synagogue will now function as a cultural centre for concerts, performances, and conferences.


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