Renovations and New Additions at the Wroclaw Zoo

One of Wroclaw's most popular family attractions, the Wroclaw Zoo, continues to enchant both adults and youngsters alike with its wide variety of creatures on display.

Recently, the zoo acquired a red panda, a mammal originally from China and the Himalayas about the size of a household cat. Its reddish fur and long, bushy tail gives the red panda somewhat of a raccoon-like appearance.

The zoo has also recently welcomed three baby oryxes, born to their zoo resident mother, a North African Scimitar Oryx. The Wroclaw Zoo is now home to ten of these long-horned antelope.

Wroclaw zoo will also begin work later this year on a renovated entrance pavilion which will not only modernize the zoo's appearance but most of all will allow space for practical use form offices to improved ticket booths.

For more information, head to our Wroclaw Zoo page!


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