Adamek Prepares to Fight Klitchko in Wroclaw

In September of this year, Wroclaw will host the first ever world heavyweight boxing championship in Poland, between top Polish boxer Tomasz Adamek and current IBF/WBO champion Vladimir Klitchko. While the fight has yet to be officially announced, Adameks manager Zyggi Rozalski has confirmed that a deal has been agreed between the two parties and that only a contract must be signed.

The fight will likely take place in the new stadium, built in preparation for the 2012 Euro football championships which will take place in part in Wroclaw. This wont be a small fight by any means - a massive crowd of 42 000 is expected in the stadium.

If Adamek is unable to fight Klitchko, the Polish boxer has said he will fight Klitchkos older brother and WBC champion Vitali Klitchko.


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