Biggest Snowman Built Outside Wroclaw

Poland can now not only boast the largest statue of Jesus in the world (in the town of Swiebodzin), but the residents of the south-western village of Pierwoszow can now also be proud of their own monolithic achievement - a 9.5 metre high, 32 metre wide snowman.

Located approximately 20 km north of Wroclaw, the snowman is the tallest of its kind in Poland and took six days to complete. The "balwan", Polish for snowman, was built by several locals and guests from the nearby restaurant and recreation centre Milocin.

The Pierwoszow snowman wears an empty barrel as a hat, an orange traffic cone as a nose, a round slabs of wood as buttons. Stop by Wroclaw's Gazeta newspaper's website to have a look at the finished product!


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