Henryk Gorecki Dies Aged 76

Celebrated Polish composer Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki, a native of the nearby industrial Silesian city Katowice, has passed away. His modern classical compositions were well-known not just in Poland, but across the world.

First composing in a rather avant-garde style, Gorecki later progressed to a style which retained his minimalist influences but also drew inspiration from Polish folk music. His most famous composition is undoubtedly his Third Symphony, also known as the "Symphony of Sorrowful Songs". A 1992 recording of the piece which featured soprano Dawn Upshaw, released in memory of those who died in the Holocaust, became an international success and was the best selling record by a contemporary composer.

Before his death, Gorecki was awarded Poland's highest honour - the Order of the White Eagle.


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he will be missed!

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