Wroclaw Update

A few more weeks of summer are left in Wroclaw, and the city has been taking it easy. There have been a few highlights in the headlines recently, which included the following

According to Newsweek Polska, Wroclaw is the most appealing city in Poland for those who have completed higher education. The city's winning score was calculated according to its merits in three categories - quality of job, quality of schooling, and quality of life. There are several factors which have helped prove Wroclaw as an attractive spot, but the fact that the city boasts the largest number of R&D centres of international corporations (eight, compared to only four in Warsaw for example) is a big draw for graduates. The study also suggested that Wroclaw is the city in Poland most loved by its inhabitants.

Wroclaw has also unveiled a new public transportation ticket system, called the UrbanCard. This plastic card will allow travellers to easily "load up" their cards with short or long-term tickets at points across the city. Of special interest for tourists will be the 7-day pass (still available in the old, paper format) allowing for unlimited access to buses and trams for 26 zloty.

For more information head to Urban Card's online presence, at urbancard.pl.


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