Guinness Record Officially Broken by Thanks Jimi Festival

The Guinness World Records association has officially awarded the participants of last year's Thanks Jimi festival in Wroclaw their certificate in setting the new world record for largest guitar ensemble.

Each year on May 1st, thousands of guitar enthusiasts gather in Wroclaw's main Market Square in an attempt to beat the world record while playing Jimi Hendrix's classic tune "Hey Joe". In 2009, the record was broken with an incredible 6346 guitar players, a number nearly three times greater than the previous record.

With the forthcoming edition of the festival only two months away, organizers, led by Leszek Cichonski, are eager to break the record once again. Guitar players of any age of level are welcome to participate - just log on to the official website and sign up! Tips on preparing for the mass performance are also available, covering the record-breaking song "Hey Joe" as well as 2010's new addition "Voodoo Child", another classic by Jimi Hendrix. Who knows, maybe this year we'll reach five digits!


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