Year of Grotowski

Ten years after his death, UNESCO has recognized the substantial artistic contribution of Jerzy Grotowski by naming 2009 the Year of Grotowski. Based in Wroclaw during his most active years, Grotowski's revolutionary approach to theatre changed the way artists approach the stage until today. While director at his experimental Theatre Laboratory, Grotowski created the concept of "poor theatre" moving theatre away from a spectacle performance and towards a more visceral experience.

Throughout 2009 Wroclaw and many other cities around the world including New York, Paris, and Rome will be celebrating the contribution of Grotowski through performances, conferences, and exhibitions. The first two events will take place in New York with the start of the Year of Grotowski cycle on February 6th, and in Krakow from March 25th-27th with the Grotowski: The Solitude of Theatre. Documents, Contexts, Interpretations conference.

Read more at the Grotowski Institute's website


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