Need Some Info!

Hi, I am moving to Wroclaw soon, and I need some information. I appreciate it if someone can help me about them: - Can u introduce me some links in order to find long term studios? - What is the usual monthly rent for a 20-30m2 studios? -Someone offers me a 16m2 for 1600Zl and a 45 for 2400Zl, are they fair prices? - What is the dominant public transportation in Wroclaw? and how much does it cost? (is there any monthly transportation card, if yes, for how much?) Regards, /Yekta

- Posted by Yekta.Yeg from Poland on Feb 5th, 2013

Hey, the easiest way is traveling by trams and buses. It would be good for You to create "urban card" - that's a card for discounts. It is for free and You can create it in WBK Bank which is localized on the market in the center of city. Here You have all prices of tickets:,1,id,63-.html About studios - in my opinion they gave You expensive propositions. But it depends on what kind of standard and localization You are looking for. Single apartment in a good standard usually cost 1100 zł for month. Check this pages: Good luck! Ann

- Posted by aminalea from Poland on Feb 6th, 2013

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