GOOD DAY! My name is Lorenzo, I come from Milan and I am moving to Wroclaw in a few days because I am going to work at a company there in just two weeks. I am looking for a single room in a flat to share with other people, either students or workers, possibly in Śródmieście or Psie Pole. I am 27 years old, I speak English and Greek and little bit of Croatian. I cannot speak Polish yet but I swear I'm going to learn it! I'll be in Wroclaw in a few days, so if you're looking for a flatmate, just let me know. This is my email address: psri86@yahoo.it. As soon as I get to Wroclaw I'm going to get a Polish Sim card, and if you leave a message I will call you. Thank you a lot! A presto! Lorenzo

- Posted by Lorenzo from Italy on Jan 29th, 2014

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