Hi there, I'm gonna move over to Poland with my English bf, we will both have to look for some job. The problem is he doesn't speak Polish, could u guys give me some advice if there are any chances for him to get a job? He's got qualifications in gym instructor and lifeguard, also he's got a high level in Krav Maga. I'd be so grateful if anyway could give me some advice! We are both coming in the middle of August if anyone is up for some drink and talk! He would feel much better if he knew there are some other Britains! :-) x

- Posted by Natalia from Poland on Jun 19th, 2013

Hi, I cannot advise on a job but my family and I will be moving to wroclaw (house pending) soon and can assure him it's a cool city with plenty of expats from Britain and other countries. There are more opportunities for native English speakers now than before. There could be a chance of him becoming a fitness instructor maybe in a gym or freelance. The skill + English could be desirable for certain gyms - getting fit while learning English or private lessons in and around the city. "Get fit in English". Polish is so totally learnable too. Tough, but interesting. Good luck!

- Posted by James from United Kingdom on Jul 1st, 2013

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