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Wroclaw is quickly establishing itself as one of Poland's brightest spots for culture. Perhaps this isn't surprising when you consider that every other person you meet here is an artist (We're still not sure who's running the economy around here!). And amongst the many Gothic and Baroque churches, the beautiful parks and lovingly restored Gothic Market Square there are scores of museums, galleries, cinemas and theatres in Wroclaw to enrich your mind.

In the Market Square itself you will almost always chance upon an impromptu concert or troops of street-performers entertaining the crowds with fire-juggling, break-dancing, or folk music - all of which is best enjoyed with a cold beer from the comfort of the square's bars and cafes. And did someone mention festivals? Well this city hosts more than it's fair share, including the international renowned Wratislavia Cantans, the Jazz on the Oder Festival and the cultural marathon that is Wroclaw Non-Stop. Whatever rocks your cultural boat you will find it here in Wroclaw, a city steeped in history with it's eyes very much on the present!

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ul. Piłsudskiego 67

33. Teatr Muzyczny Capitol

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ul. Na Grobli 19-21

34. Hydropolis

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ul. Wita Stwosza 3
105 Piłsudskiego Street
2–4 Świdnicka Street
9/10 Kościuszki Square
46a/301 Ruska Street (3rd floor)
ul. św. Mikołaja 54/55

40. Galeria Plakatu

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Reviews about Wroclaw Culture

We are very satisfied with the school, academically and socially.

Wroclaw International School

Very committed staff, lots of educational projects and excellent facilities. We are truly satisfied with MYP :-)

Wroclaw International School

Hi Ash, would you be in a position to recommend any other international school/s?

Wroclaw International School

Shortly, The worst private school in Wroclaw, lack of professionalism. No online learning during the pandemic, complete ignorance to parents opinions and requests.

Wroclaw International School


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Galeria BB


Galeria BB

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Museum of Mineralogy

My experience is positive only. I do not understand the remarks of other people here. Comparing to other international schools I know i Poland and other countries this is one of the best my children have visited. Experienced and very reliable principal and staff. My kids are happy there and I can observe their rapid educational progress.

Wroclaw International School

Hi, I'm an experienced teacher of English, who's looking for a position of a teacher in your school. Now I have legal live in Sroda. I'll be pleased greately to hear from you.

Wroclaw International School

My mother and her parents lived in Breslau before the war. Was there an Alexander strasse?

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Town Hall