Vilnius Restaurants

Gone are the days when travelling to the east meant terrible food in sinister surroundings. Lithuania has a rich culinary tradition, and with the return of the free market, tasty food has come back to the table.

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Islandijos g. 1

49. Vinchenso Mimoza

0 reviews
Seimyniskiu str. 1

50. Rib Room

0 reviews
Šopeno st. 10

51. Bistro 1 Dublis

0 reviews
Pylimo 22D

52. Sidro Namai

0 reviews
Sv. Mykolo 4, Vilnius

53. Mykolo 4

0 reviews
Vilniaus 16

54. Hooters

0 reviews
Didžioji str. 31

55. Žuvinė restaurant

0 reviews

56. Desi kebab

0 reviews
Vilniaus g. 30

57. Trinity

0 reviews
Pylimo g. 23-3

58. Gaspar's

0 reviews
Subačiaus g. 2

59. Imperial Restaurant

0 reviews

Sampling the local classics (like these bad boys on the right) is a must, but variety is the spice of life dear Watson, and the good news is that more and more international restaurants are joining the throng. Decent French and Italian numbers can be enjoyed, and you can even relish an Indian entree these days.

For something completely different, you can now also eat with a local cook at their own home in Vilnius !

Reviews about Vilnius Restaurants

Food is not tasty. Service is very bad


Very unpleasant premises, mostly overpriced meals. Never again.

Ida Basar

Very satisfied with our meals which were ample in the really tradtional atmosphere.the service was very nice.well worth a visit

Forto Dvaras

It's a pleasure to put it on words how impressed we were with Mr. Rajinder Chaudhary's Sue Indian Raja food and ambience during our first visit yesterday night. The food they served was impeccable and delectable and adding to that the way Mr Chaudhary welcomed with his warm smile and ease with us. He and his staff are so kind and attentive in taking care of their customers. Sue Indian Raja is complete package regarding whatever you can ever expect to make your evening an absolute delight in every sense possible. I would really recommend this restaurant to everyone who wants to have a fine dinning experience......completely worth going!!!!!

United Kingdom,
Sue's Indian Raja

I was yesterday at Amatininku Uzeiga in Vilnius and I was so excited of briliant service! The food was good, especially the beef steak. So once again thank you so much, because you made me so special. See ya next time when I'll be in Vilnius!

United States,
Amatininku Uzeiga

Hi, I been to sue indian raja, food is not bad. But as working in lithuania, i salute the owner, because very few people knows, lithuania has worst human resourse, as people are not interested to work, and keep changing their jobs, therefore, its always difficult to have good staff, lithuanian must change their attitude towards foreigners and accept the reality that we live in global village.

Sue's Indian Raja

Nice place to eat,come here for delicious food

Sue's Indian Raja

Many Hot Dog recipes to choose from. 8 different sausages. For me Danish DOG is the best! Recommend it to all DOG lovers!


Cozy place with good service and good food


I chose the place by coincidence but it was a lucky choice.Place was crowdy on Saturday afternoon and we had to wait for a while for a table.But it was worth it.Food was good and waitress nice and friendly.The restaurant is located in very nice place.It is slow food restaurant (in good meaning).You have to wait for your order but looks like it is freshly made.You can spend that time to study menu to get familiar with Lithuanian dishes or try some local liquors to sharpen your apetitite. In short words - recommended.

Forto Dvaras