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Editor's review

Curry and Vilnius might sound like an unlikely marriage, but expats are truly blessed with this Raja amongst imitators. Kumar Chaudhary, the restaurant's owner, is a vivacious veteran of the Indian airforce, and his place is on a higher level than most, not least with the view over Cathedral Square. An elegant decor that conjures the tastes of the Maharajahs is complimented by authentic Indian dishes that pack exactly the right punch.

Editor & Vilnius Local


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Pooja Sharma
United Kingdom

It's a pleasure to put it on words how impressed we were with Mr. Rajinder Chaudhary's Sue Indian Raja food and ambience during our first visit yesterday night. The food they served was impeccable and delectable and adding to that the way Mr Chaudhary welcomed with his warm smile and ease with us. He and his staff are so kind and attentive in taking care of their customers. Sue Indian Raja is complete package regarding whatever you can ever expect to make your evening an absolute delight in every sense possible. I would really recommend this restaurant to everyone who wants to have a fine dinning experience......completely worth going!!!!!

Reply Sep 5th, 2016
Sam ada

Hi, I been to sue indian raja, food is not bad. But as working in lithuania, i salute the owner, because very few people knows, lithuania has worst human resourse, as people are not interested to work, and keep changing their jobs, therefore, its always difficult to have good staff, lithuanian must change their attitude towards foreigners and accept the reality that we live in global village.

Reply Feb 2nd, 2016
Sukhjeevan singh

Nice place to eat,come here for delicious food

Reply Nov 27th, 2015
United Kingdom

Can be very good indeed

Reply Feb 6th, 2015

Nice dished, super service.... Good prices.

Reply Jul 30th, 2013
Peter S
United Kingdom

I like your videos on YouTube about making butter chicken and also Palak Paneer. Thank you for those! It was nice also to see your staff at work, and clearly enjoying sharing their skills

Reply Apr 26th, 2013
United Kingdom

A pleasure to write and let you know that I had a great meal here. It was really a perfect evening. It is hard to find a good curry in this part of the world, so Sue's was a great find (thanks to this website). You've really brought a small part of India to Vilnius, and congratulations to you. You care about the food and it shows. Best wishes, Mike

Reply Apr 4th, 2013

Being an indian, i know what real indian food is. The food here is absolutely mind-blowing. Love the butter chicken and dal makhani and garlic naan and orange kulfi. I could go on and on. I've ordered food from here a number of times and have never been disappointed. I would compare the food here to the likes of Maurya-bukhara. Will be ordering again tomorrow! :)

Reply Dec 28th, 2012
Wg. Cdr. Rajinder Chaudhary

As the Owner Director of Sues Indian Raja,I am intrigued by the comments by Mr Ravi Das dated 2nd Oct,2012.Head Cook has been sent back by me for Administrative reasons.All other Cooks are here for long time and are in their work places.Manager is New but he is not new to this business.He had worked for my restaurant in Riga too for 3 years.Mr Das seems to have his own imagination but I am quite open to checks by the authorities if even one Cook has been brought with ulterior motives and I have had this record for 15 years.However Customer is always right and I therefore respect Mr Ravi Das but I would request him to meet me personally and clarify all his doubts.Yes if he is a friend of the Former Head Chef,I am not surprised by his words.

Reply Oct 5th, 2012
Ravi Das

Food is ok but not real Indian food any more. Main chef went back to India over his work permit issue for good. New manager and staff every months comes from India. Not study

Service. Something fishy over work permit scandals going. Cash for permit.

Reply Oct 2nd, 2012
B.R.Sadashiva Rao

Res.Rajinder Sir,

Hats off to you that you own a ethnic Indian restaurant in Vilnius. I was searching for opportunities in Lithuania for small investment and do a business over there, and you are really a role model. In Mangalore, my brother -in-law owns famous purely vegetarian restaurant "Hotel Janata Deluxe" and I know the difficulties of owners facing problems with workers.(even in India).Best wishes to you and I really sorry about Mrs.Sue's sudden demise.

Regards to you.

B.R.Sadashiva Rao,



Reply Sep 14th, 2012
Wg Cdr. Rajinder Chaudhary

I as the Owner of Sues Indian Raja am grateful to Ms Somaya and Mr Simon of Netherlands for the Review.While I stand a few inches taller with their overall rating and particularly their comments on the Food, my head, however, hangs in shame over the Service that was rendered to them.This is a very recent trend due to the mass exodus of enterprising young boys and girls from Lithuania.There was a time when our service was flawless but today the Management finds itself at a sixes and sevens because one cannot hire and fire at one,s will.Nor does the Migration Department give permissions to get Good Wait-Staff from India as there are other issues such as Language Barriers and depriving the local manpower of their rightful jobs. I am seriously looking into this issue which is of a serious nature.The Beauty is that we have mostly good lot working over a long period,it is a few non disciplined lot who do not believe that Work is Worship.

But thank you for sharing your difficulties with us and for the other readers and I assure you that we will do our best.

Kind Regards.

Reply Aug 31st, 2012
Soraya & Simon

After reading some reviews and having a hunger for Indian food we decided to make the trip to Sue's Raja and let me say it was worth every step!! We had the Butter Chicken, Lamb ROGANJOSH and they were both absolutely finger licking good! Topped of with a nice bowl of cucumber Raita and some chees filled Naan it was an absolute delight.

Regarding some earlier remarks concerning prices they might be on the more upscale for Vilnius rates, but if you're from Western Europe [or somewhere else with high food prices] the food here is a bargain especially when you consider the quality! So don't let them hold you back!

Two little points of critique. The first being we would have liked and assumed to get some white rice included with the dishes [to our knowledge this is quite customary with Indian food] or at least the staff could have told us it wasn't included. But after we convinced our waiter we really wanted it and really had the Naan as side-dish we got it within a minute after, so no loss.

The second point being the staff and welcome. We came in on a thursday night at about nine-thirty and it took a while for us to get some attention. This was the case throughout the rest of our stay. Although the people we're friendly and correct we didn't really get the feeling we were wanted and they were in a rush to get us out or at least get the place cleaned. Maybe it was because we came in late for Vilnius standard but it was a little [very little] stain on the further perfect dinner!

Please make sure to stop by this place when in Vilnius and a fan of Indian food! It's right opposite of the Cathedral's Entrance. Holy Moly!

Reply Aug 30th, 2012
Wg. Cdr. Rajinder Chaudhary

Unlike many other owners of the restaurants,I as the Owner of Sues Indian Raja carefully read every review and accept the verdict of my worthy clients in utmost humility.As I always say,If we are good tell others but if we are bad,tell us and we will try to do it better.

I am happy to read my former colleague Mr Narayan Sigh,s review who has been generous in giving us 7 out of 10 though he has never visited us.Thank you my friend but we have endeavored hard to get to better standards since your days when we were even happy to get 5/10 with Chefs of those days but now we do have Superb Cooks and you will be welcome here to come and Judge whether we have improved from your days with us in Jurmala or not. Mr Tanuj(Review 15th June,2012) and Mr Mark(review 16th May,2012) do certainly have a point about the prices but many know that Vilnius in-spite of having a minimum wage of around 300US$ has rents comparable to Manhattan in New York.They cannot imagine we paying 10,000 US$ a month for 190 SM space but as they say all good things of life come at a price and our location being what it,we have to pay that price. Wonder if they have been to Moscow where a Meal for two with a bottle of wine,starters,main course and a dessert costs 400-500 US$ in a comparable standard restaurant.But thank you Gentlemen for being our critics and we value your opinions.

Reply Aug 28th, 2012
Narayan singh

Hello sir here is narayan singh from india your old staff

Reply Aug 20th, 2012
United States

This was the best meal I've had in a long time. I'm not an authority on Indian cuisine, but I don't think you can find better Indian food outside of India or in places that are heavily populated by Indians. For Eastern Europe, and based on my experiences in America, Sue's Indian Raja is SUPERB. The service was great (a rarity here), and the owner came up to me to wish me, "Good appetite."

I didn't give it a 10, as there were a couple things that could use improvement. For one, there was no "brown ale" as advertised on the menu (this is one of my biggest qualms with restaurants in Eastern Europe). Also, I thought the dishes (given that they are a little on the expensive side) should include basmati rice or naan (even a small portion would help, as I didn't want/need an entire large portion). Overall, though, I was extremely impressed with everything, and the $30 I spent on an appetizer, two beers, main course, and dessert, was totally worth it. Truly a jewel in the heart of Eastern Europe, I hope to return to Sue's Indian Raja whenever I'm in Vilnius.

Reply Aug 8th, 2012
United States

I have had Indian food in many places outside India. Very few of the restaurants maintain the authenticity of Indian food as they adjust to the local palate. Indian Raja is not any different. The ambiance and the whole setting is extremely impressive but the food could not meet my expectation. Given the relatively lower prices of food in Lithuania, the prices of the food at this restaurant were not completely justified. However, you get what you get, and it is the only choice (as I have heard) for having Indian food in Vilnius. Before visiting the place next time, I would have to save for atleast a couple of weeks!

Reply Jun 15th, 2012

Sue's is great... for Vilnius, where there is no other Indian food to compare it to.

The food is wholesome, decent, and even tasty, but not as tasty as you might find in London's most mediocre "dives." The staff is wonderful.

Despite it's second-notch cuisine, you end the meal with a quite top-notch payment. If there was another Indian restaurant in Vilnius, I would try it twice before returning... or maybe just fly to London.

Reply May 16th, 2012

This is easily the best Indian food in the whole of Europe i have had till date. Extremely delicious food...!!!!

I would recommend this place to all the people who want to have a bite of good authentic Indian food.....:-) a must visit place for all the Indian food eaters

Reply Mar 23rd, 2012
Helge Vatne

I am in Vilnius 2-3 times a month, and EVERY time I get the opportunity, I go to Sue`s Indian Raja! The best indian restaurant I have ever experienced. The Papadam and Lamb Vindaloo i magnificent! 10 points +++!

Reply Feb 7th, 2012
Wing Commander Rajinder Chaudhary

As the Owner and Director of the restaurant,I respect those like Sonia(her 28 Dec 2011 review) and Masha(review 7th July,2011)but I wonder why did they not write these comments on our Restaurant,s Comments Book.Sometimes we get such comments which are on behalf of those who are not happy about our success.May I suggest that those writing comments should put their full contact details and may I request that should get the IP address of the Network to prove the authenticity.Nonetheless,we are grateful for all those who take pains to write comments and we shall do our best to consider every complaint.

Reply Jan 18th, 2012
Rajinder Chaudhary

I respect every Review of my of my restaurant Sues Indian Raja and I am sorry to read about Sonia,s Comments.Would like to know from her precisely what was the problem.Could she please send me an e-mail and possibly a photo so that I could identify who did the service and what was her order.If her experience was that horrible,why did she not put it in the Comments Book of the Restaurant.I certainly would like to look into her issues-as far as I am concerned we are 9 out of ten,if not ten out of ten.

Reply Jan 16th, 2012
United Kingdom

Sues Indian Raja is just only name of Indian resturant with horrible price. there is nothing which you can say indian taste. i dont wanna say any more about sues indian raja, better visit yourself there and you will know that how did you were cheated there.

Reply Dec 28th, 2011

I love Indian food, and i have never had better than this place. I have visit Vilnius twice and both times had to come to this restaurant! i would even consider going back to vilnius just to try this place again! if you are in Vilnius then do yourself the favour and try this lovely place, the food is to die for, the atmosphere is fantastic, and the location could not be more perfect!

oh and try the tikka masala!

Reply Oct 5th, 2011

The food was excellent, the location was excellent, and the atmosphere was excellent. I have visited Sue's many times and as a local I can say that it is the best Indian restaurant in Vilnius if not in Lithuania

Reply Sep 11th, 2011

I was there yesterday, and the food, service and surroundings were all superb. I am a great fan of Indian cuisine and have tasted it in many countries all over the world. Tomorow is my last day in Vilnius for a while, and I am going back to Sue's.

Reply Aug 9th, 2011

I have been going to Sue's as often as possible since I moved to Lithuania in 2005. My first meal there was even earlier, as a tourist, and my experience on that occasion should tell you everything you need to know.

I like my food unbelievably spicy. If I'm not crying, I'm not happy. I explained to Raj, the owner, how spicy I wanted it on that first visit, and he promised to oblige. Near the end of our meal, Raj stopped by to ask whether it was spicy enough for me. I said it was excellent, but it didn't make me cry. Without another word, Raj took my plate away and promised to correct the mistake. A short while later, he came back with a whole new plate, on the house, even though I had already eaten all but the last few bites of my first serving.

When I was finishing this second helping, Raj again stopped by, and again I said the same thing: delicious, but my mouth could have handled more. Without hesitating, he took my plate and brought me a third serving! These weren't samples -- they were complete meals, just as big as the first one.

That is a perfect example of what you can expect at Sue's. They are not happy unless the customer is happy. In a country where the customer is usually wrong, Sue's is educating the Lithuanian public about what excellent customer service means.

Since that first visit, Both Raj and the kitchen staff always remember me and say hello whenever we eat there. They genuinely care about their customers, and it shows.

And by the way, for those who don't like spicy food, don't worry -- Sue's has something for everyone. In my opinion, it's the best restaurant in Vilnius.

Reply Jul 7th, 2011

I must say that the reviews that highly prise this restaurant are really confusing. Sorry, but it seems to me that they are written by those related to restaurant owners. This restaurant is a true dissapointment. And I mostly refer to the food! Lack of flavour, very boring and not fresh. Anything baked or fried is overcooked and dry. The restaurant is also really expensive for what they actually serve. Fish or prawn curries are a joke. I must agree with other reviewers that it does not stand even close to the indian food you get in UK for instance. Or was I that lucky there? I personally love Indian food, I cook it quite often and always try to visit Indian restaurant in whichever country I visit. But Sue's Indian Rajas in Vilnius (and Riga) are equally disastrous.

Reply Jul 7th, 2011
United States

OMG! this is the best indian food in the world! if you go be sure to get butter chicken... you will go back a second time or even more!! I

Reply Jun 10th, 2011
to sumit
United Arab Emirates

So keep eating Indian food in Dubai cooked by Indian laborers in that case! You probably got used to that crap, or probably never tried good Indian (not Indian house wife made) food! Peace

Reply Jun 8th, 2011
to sumit
United Arab Emirates

So keep eating Indian food in Dubai cooked by Indian laborers there then :) You probably got used, or never tried good Indian (not Indian house wife made) food! Peace

Reply Jun 8th, 2011
United Arab Emirates

I have been once in this restaurant and i would like to say nothing taste like Indian food there so who ever is saying this restaurant is serving best Indian food please dont insult Indian food.

Reply Jun 1st, 2011
United Kingdom

The food was excellent, and I would certainly recommend the restaurant to others

Reply May 11th, 2011
Anthony Paul

Felt like sitting and eating food in India.. being an Indian I enjoy authentic Indian food and at Sue Raja Vilnius I really had that sort of experience. I would love to go there again and bring my family and Lithuanian friends there to eat authentic indian food. Thanks to Mr. Cahudhary for having managed it so well that I as an Indian can enjoy my country's food. Excellent service and courtsey shown by the staff and KUDOS!! to the chef for excellent and tasty food. Thanks a million.

Reply Apr 13th, 2011

It was calm, tender, enjoyable, tasty, gorgeous atmosphere. The food and the servis was fantastic. We eally wish to become regular customers,...Thank you folks!!!

Reply Apr 8th, 2011
Wing Commander Rajinder Chaudhary

I wish to submit to Mr Tadas,Mr Mike and others who have not been as happy as many many others are that the Buck Stops on me and the faults pointed out by some of you will be looked into and rectified as the final blame is ultimately on me.I created a Chain in the Baltics and had the distinction to have owned Sues Indian Raja in Riga which was named among 100 best restaurants in the world a decade back and I was nicknamed as the "LEGEND" by the Media.Lately my problem was that some of the colleagues were working at cross purposes especially in the Summer of last year as they had their own ambitions and there could have been intentional failures.I have greatly set my house in order by parting company from those who may have lost the interest though they were Excellent Workers(I have all due regard for them and wish them all luck as every person has a right to shape their destiny) and we will see to it that we will regain the confidence of those who had faced a disappointment.I have repeatedly requested my estemed CLients to let me know their unhappiness as it helps me to make amends.I always say -"If you are happy with us tell others but if you are unhappy,please do tell me".We now have a regular Comments Book in the restaurant and with my head held high I can say that 95% comments are Excellent to Outstanding but 5% are the one which give us the desired impetus to work more harder.Please do give us a chance to serve you once again.Kind Regards

Reply Mar 21st, 2011

as a curry lover i found it to be a great find in vilnius. the food and service was good and the cook was willing to make dishes that were not on the menu as long as you gave him some notice. a pleasant and friendly place.

Reply Feb 19th, 2011

I am really suprised by the negative reviews here. I had an outstanding experience at this restuarant. I grew up on Indian food and can tell good INdian food when I taste it. I ordered half portions of 3 dishes and was in rapture! Perfect location, service and attention to detail.

Reply Feb 7th, 2011
Olson Family
United States

We're Americans residing in Vilnius and we bring all our visiting friends and family to Sue's. Best Indian in town and better than most I've had in the US, too. Have to admit last winter the dishes seemed to have lost their luster but happy to report the last few times we've been, the kitchen is back to their best. I dream of the Dal Makhani, extra spicy! They also deliver, great for a long Vilnius winter.

Reply Dec 3rd, 2010

The place was fantastically expensive, especially for Vilnius. I can't really rate anything meat, because I simply don't appreciate it, but everything here was, well, average, according to quality. You'll be paying UK prices for food suitable for people from Greenland, in terms of Indian cuisine. I had heard so much before my visit, but was so let down. My Russian girlfriend said the Indian "fast food" at Ozas was much more delicious, but it could have been because of a bad Saturday night. In short, the nan was little more than a beat-down flour tortilla, sadly.

Reply Nov 27th, 2010

Food resembles Indian on about the same level as Vilnius resembles New Delhi. Nuff said. Also, they pre-cook their meats and, when the order comes through, simply pour the sauce of the customer's choice over it. Clever? Very. Tasty? Not at all.

Reply Aug 4th, 2010
United Kingdom

Was a complete waste of time and money, my Lithuanian colleague recommended it to me so I went on her recommendation. But, the food was tasteless, came in fancy Indian pots and the food was very expensive. I think I paid for the environment, the fancy tables, and the fancy pots. !!!

Save your money, and go to the Ukrainian restaurant inside Promogu Bankas (Entertainment Bank) was the next best thing and less than half the price of Sues Indian Raja. Also worth a mention is this a real Indian restaurant? As they served Thai food too and also had a Thai food menu?

Also it seemed obvious that the young waited and waitress were having an affair, as they seemed more Interested in each other than me!!!

Reply Jul 18th, 2010

Really excellent food in a stunning setting and attentive staff without overdoing it. Maybe the light was a bit bright but it didn't matter that much but would just have been that special touch.

I wish I could find this quality Indian food in my hometown!!!

Reply May 10th, 2010
Richard Durbin
United Kingdom

I and a friend had an oustandingly excellent meal at Sues in Vilnius on the evening of 15th February,2010.Being orgininally from Uk but now more of a Settler in Lithuania,I was pleased to see the quality standards-far higher than the UK,s Indian(all inclusive) Restaurants.The Owner and also the Chef gave us their personal care and attention.Pity that there was not enough guests in this outstanding restaurant-must be the effect of the recession.I have a small suggestion,the wait staff must have a pleasnt smile and a close interaction. A very smart and good looking young lady appeared to have been so tired that she would often stoop on the Bar or else she was too busy with mobile.The other lady too was very pleasant and smart but a bit reserved and shy.Just a suggestion that the Managenment must bring the service to their earliest Highest Standards in the Baltics especially when these things matter most in the recession.Hope I will find a change.Otherwise a Delighful; evening.

Reply Feb 16th, 2010
olga douvick
United Kingdom

Dear John, I have just seen your write up dated 14th Sep.I remember you very well-Jon or John hardly matters.You were at the Exhibition of the Indian Goods apparently boasting to be a Chef from Germany As I heard.More likely that you were hired to write the crazy review.I am willing to fly Down to Vilnius next time you are there and then tell me whether you met me or not.And about the Review,sure you have every right but here you had vested interest and I also overheard-on whose behalf.But we are grown ups-I am willing to go with you to Sues and lets jointly check it out.Right!

Have a Good Christmas and a New Year Sir.Meanwhile 5/5 to Sues.

Reply Dec 19th, 2009

I found the food at this restaurant to be very tasty and satisfying. The service was good. Restaurant itself is very relaxing and comfortable. I liked it very much.

Reply Dec 8th, 2009
Rajinder Chaudhary

As the Owner of this restaurant,I am disheartened by the review of the Gentleman from USA dated 7th Nov,2009.I was out of the Country but I am getting to look at the Camera Films of the restaurant to try and idntify the Couple and to see who was serving them.Our standards are somewhat down but not horrible in all fairness but a Customer is always right.On the other hand, the fact is that the Economic crisis has depressed the spirits of the staff-yet there is no room for excuses.We must pul ourselves up.Thank you Sir for writing a review which must wake us up.

Reply Nov 19th, 2009
United States

Ooh! I have been looking forward to write this review. And let me tell you; It's not going to be a good one.

The best part of the experience was that the waiter & waitress was quite friendly. But to get their attention or even an eye during the 1,5 hours we were there was almost impossible.

After ordering and waiting forever, in which time we had plenty of time to study all aspect of the cool looking but dirty silver table, the food arrived and of course we got the wrong dish. How this is possible with only 2 other customers, is beyond me.

The dish in question was lamb and it was dry and very boring. And then one can wonder how it's possible to call it "Indian", without mango chutney!?

The chicken dish was dry and tasteless too, just like you'd have expected from a frozen chicken fillet microwaved with some pre-made sauce.

BUT: We just love to have some water to our wine. But the water which came in an already opened bottle, was completely undrinkable!? It tasted just like water do, that have been standing all day in an open pitcher in moldy refrigerator. Did they pour it up in an empty bottle? We'll never know, but we don't care either, as we will never return.

(Scale 1-5, 5=best)

Service: 1

Food: 2

Price: 1

Water: H1N1 risk!

Wine: 4

Interior: 4

Reply Nov 7th, 2009
Matthew Griggs

Go here if you want Indian food in Vilnius.

Reply Oct 3rd, 2009

Olga! As your name suggests, I doubt you know anything about Indian kitchen, as for me I am a born Indian!!! FYI I am JOHN and not any JON you met! As for me I dont think I am answereable to any one on my opinion, and I really feel sorry for your professionalism you have shown in the words you have used to DEFEND the restaurant Quality, it only highlights that you were hired just to write the BEST! I think there are many who would Consider MY OPINION !

Olga, better try next time !!!!!

P.S: I think you should realize that this website is to guide people and write thier opinion !

Reply Sep 14th, 2009
olga douvick
United Kingdom

Jon From Germany,I remember you as you were seated next to my table.I am amused by your Review,it is as crampy as your accent was.Could you tell me which Prime Minister of India did you Cook for.I am a Professional Food Crtic and was on assignment to write about this great restaurant.Pipe Down Mr Jon as there was nothing that was lacking .You are entitled to your opinion but you have to convince me which personalities have you cooked for.You have my e-mail but stop bullshitting.

Reply Sep 12th, 2009

except for the service , the food was all what you call non Indian , being a food critic and a professional chef,Having cooked for the prime minister of India and other dignitories, i found the people of Vilnius being cheated for the money they are paying only for the Indian name ,any way the people of Vilnius must have something to compare against this quality ! competition welcome !!!!

Reply Sep 6th, 2009

Great location, Food is ok, Expensive.

Rude chefs, especially towards visiting Indians.

Please have dishes on the menu for frequently visiting Indians; rather than only Europeans only.

Reply Jun 18th, 2009
Jaya Ram
United Kingdom

The best authentic indian food out side india.I have visited vilnius on 08/04/09 and wish to take my local friends to the indian restaurant which they loved the food, after living in UK for 10 years I had a quality and well presented Indian food in vilnius.Thanks to the people who made my day with a delicious meal.

Reply Apr 14th, 2009

No doubt indian restaurants are not popular amongst bangladeshis (Mr Ahmed)and as I myself have known norwegians for the last 30years, I know Norwegians have no experiwnce with authentic Indian food.

Reply Dec 29th, 2008
United States

dear sir , i lost your contact no. dats y cudn't contact u , i was wondering if you have any openings in yr great kitchen team ?

Reply Dec 15th, 2008
Wing Commander(Retired IAF)Rajinder Chau

I am saddened to read Mr Monien Ahmed,s comments dated 10th June,2008 and as the Owner I sincerely apologise to him.His is perhaps one of the few bad coments over 10 years that we have been in the business in Vilnius (and many other places Till 2004) and the other one I see is of Mr David,s.I have no reasons to understand how their experience was bad but I am grateful that they have freely expressed their views.My Policy is that if anything is bad-do tell me but if all is good-tell others.I always meet every customer-unfortunately on those two dates I was not here.Next time if you gentlemen are here Mr David and Mr Ahmed,do visit us and we shall try and match your expectations.By God,s grace,we have a great name and we would like to earn your goodwill and not brickbats.Thank you for giving your true opinion-it is valuable to me.Kind regards

Reply Nov 6th, 2008
Kenneth Eriksson

I compare this resturant to other Indians in Stockholm and i really like the food here, try the lamb curry it is delicius.

Reply Oct 8th, 2008
Mr Hannu

Sue`s Indian Raja revisited.

We came back to Vilnius and we almost "had" to eat excellent Indian food in Sue`s Indian Raja. It was again 5 star performance, great food, wine and best location in town. There was not Indian live music this time, but a very nice atmosphere.

I recommend Sue`s Indian Raja again if you visit Vilnius.

Reply Jul 5th, 2008
moniem ahmed
United Kingdom

Yes I have to agree with David from Norway this is the worst Indian food I have ever tasted in my life..any corner indian takeaway resturant in England will make better food than this and the price is so inflated because they don't have competition..great view shame about the food!!!

Reply Jun 10th, 2008
Alina Andrews
United Kingdom

I have been a frequesnt visitor to the Baltics and my most favourite restaurant in Vilnius is \"Sues India Raja\"-the Great Indian Restaurant.I also visit their other sister restaurants in Riga and in Jurmala and though those are outstanding too,I still find a treat to be at the Sues in Vilnius.I was very sadenned however to read comments of a Norwegian customer of theirs dated 10th December,2007 on your website and while every comment must have a reason,my experience of this restaurant is different.Because the Indian Food tends to get cold quickly,however hot when served,the management have special brass heating stands which are immediately brought to the tables.As far the Tikka Masala,it has been rated one of the best by many experts.Though their Main Head Chef was on holidays those days(He always comes out to greet the Clients) but the standards were maintained as I ate three times in that very month at Sues during my visits.I am happy to see the Head Chef back when I visted on Friday,25th January when I had to wait for 30 minutes to get a table as I had no prior booking.The Food,the service and the Bread and Rice was superb for me and my 3 friends. My heart goes to the Norwegian Client for his unhappy experience but let him/her come with me the next time for a joyful treat-not because of me but otherwise.There are luckily some other good comments on your website itself about the Sues.My apology to the Norwegian Customer if I have hurt his feelings-I only wanted to say the Facts As I and many others know.

Reply Feb 1st, 2008

Worst indian food I have ever eaten.

The tikka masala sauce tasted like something from a dolmio jar.

The rice was cold and the nan bread tasted like rubber.

Reply Dec 10th, 2007
deepak malhotra
United States

dear sir i would appreciate if u be in touch with me as i have lost your num er an d am very willing to buy your restaurant we have had a chat ab out this before also'my name agaun is deepak malhotra 001 732 330 6883 and email is

Reply Oct 11th, 2007
Mr Hannu Ruohonen

Great Indian food, good wine, nice atmosphere, best location in town and a very friendly owner making your visit in the restaurant feeling like you are eating with your friends. What more could you ask. If you visit Vilnius and try to find a place to eat really good Indian food or anything, go there.

Reply Jul 5th, 2007

Excellent food and great service. Would definitely recommend this restaurant to all.

Reply Apr 10th, 2007
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