Lithuanian Restaurants in Vilnius

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Užupio g. 22-1

1. Sweet Root

5 reviews
Ausros Vartu 8

2. Medininkai

7 reviews
Pilies 16

3. Forto Dvaras

9 reviews
Sv. Mykolo 6

4. Gabi

6 reviews
Didzioji 19/2

5. Amatininku Uzeiga

10 reviews
Gedimino pr. 14

6. Cili Kaimas

1 review
Vokieciu 24

7. Zemaiciai

1 review
Kriviu 3

8. Kriviu Uzeiga

0 reviews
Pilies 8

9. Pilies Mene

0 reviews
Pilies gatvė 11

10. Aula Beer Restaurant

0 reviews
Didžioji g. 5

11. Cili Pica

0 reviews
Nemenčinės pl.33

12. Plento

0 reviews
Sv. Mykolo 4, Vilnius

13. Mykolo 4

0 reviews

Reviews about Lithuanian Restaurants in Vilnius

It's a tourist trap, avoid at all costs! They do not know the ingredients of their dishes and are not ashamed of poisoning their clients. The managment lady acts like a spoiled brat and talks down to customers. I can't call this place a restaurant by any means.

Amatininku Uzeiga

Food is not tasty. Service is very bad


Very satisfied with our meals which were ample in the really tradtional atmosphere.the service was very nice.well worth a visit

Forto Dvaras

I was yesterday at Amatininku Uzeiga in Vilnius and I was so excited of briliant service! The food was good, especially the beef steak. So once again thank you so much, because you made me so special. See ya next time when I'll be in Vilnius!

United States,
Amatininku Uzeiga

I chose the place by coincidence but it was a lucky choice.Place was crowdy on Saturday afternoon and we had to wait for a while for a table.But it was worth it.Food was good and waitress nice and friendly.The restaurant is located in very nice place.It is slow food restaurant (in good meaning).You have to wait for your order but looks like it is freshly made.You can spend that time to study menu to get familiar with Lithuanian dishes or try some local liquors to sharpen your apetitite. In short words - recommended.

Forto Dvaras

I'm currently staying in the old town and i'm eating all my hot meals there! Really like it - good menu (mix of traditional and more trendy dishes), Great building/decor/ambience, reasonable prices. They do a 'tasting tray' of 6 x 20 ml of various local liqueurs for 5.80 euro, which is a good way to satisfy your curiosity (and most of them are very, very good). Service is friendly and efficient. Freshly cooked food takes a few minutes to prepare, have a drink and enjoy the atmosphere.


Lot's of respect for the true seasonality of produce! loved it in summer time, was happy to come back in Jan.

Sweet Root

Sophisticated place for people who like tasting new food combinations. Interior and people make you feel welcome.

Sweet Root

Simply gorgeous food....

Sweet Root

Excellent contemporary food!

United Kingdom,
Sweet Root