Culture in Vilnius

What is culture? It's one of those tricky questions that you could write a painfully long book about. Luckily, we've only got room for a few sentences, so you won't have to suffer too much. Suffice it to say that Vilnius is a sophisticated city that has much to recommend it to culture vultures.

Music, art, cinema and theatre all thrive here. And then of course there are the architectural treasures that host the concerts, exhibitions and other events. By scrolling down on the toolbars above, you can zoom straight to what you're after. Vilnius has a decent selection of museums, galleries and concert halls. And besides the all year round attractions, there is an ever increasing number of festivals throughout the seasons, from folk flourishes to film magic. Vilnius is your oyster!

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Rinktinės g. 2
Didzžioji g. 20

50. Jurate

0 reviews
Stiklių g. 6

51. Stained Glass Gallery

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Šiltadaržio 6

52. Arts Printing House

0 reviews
J. Basanavičiaus 13

53. Russian Drama Theatre

0 reviews
Savanorių 7

54. Domino

0 reviews
I. SŠimulionio 4
Ašmenos 8

56. OKT

0 reviews
Bernardinų 8

57. Meno Fortas

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Vokiečių g. 13

58. Vilnius Ballet Theatre

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Agrastu 15

59. Paneriai Memorial Museum

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Paribio g. 12

60. Commune Art

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Švitrigailos g. 29

61. Loftas

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Kalvarijų 85

62. New York Theatre Club

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Didžioji str. 4

63. Vilnius Picture Gallery

0 reviews
Dariaus ir Girėno

64. Kirtimai Culture Centre

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Reviews about Culture in Vilnius

wait, he wasn't lithuanian? like I am:(

United States,
Frank Zappa

Very interesting place, beautiful collection. Charming, very gentle guide.

Amber Museum-Gallery

The address is wrong, it's Naugarduko 10

Jewish Tolerance Centre

Worth hunting out when in Vilnius.

United Kingdom,
Frank Zappa

A magical reminder of an incredibly inspirational moment in history. I wouldn't have missed this on our tour, and fortunately our dear Lithuanian guide, Monika, brought us to it.

United States,
The Stebuklas Tile

We were in Vilnius , late May, and walked through the park to get to the thousands of steps mounting to the Three Crosses....and astounded by the sight! Disappointed to not be able to find a stature of it in any of the 5 shops I sought out. I

United States,
The Three Crosses

haven't been there! but that is my dream to be able to see the very important place in Lt. more power to VILNIUS,

United States,
Museum of Genocide Victims

Very interesting visit !

United Kingdom,
Art Center of Baltic Amber

A good day out, with some amazing sculptures !

United Kingdom,
Europos Parkas

Striking works of art - worth visiting.

United Kingdom,
Contemporary Art Centre