Places of Interest in Vilnius

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Arsenalo 5/Castle Hill

1. Gediminas Tower

2 reviews
Paupio wall near Uzupis Picerija

2. Uzupis Constitution

2 reviews
Didzioji 31

3. Town Hall

0 reviews
Connecting Vilniaus and Kalvariju

4. Zaliasis Bridge

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Reviews about Places of Interest in Vilnius

Uzupis Constitution segment in this Vilnius video report around 5:30,

Uzupis Constitution

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Uzupis Constitution

Best time to enjoy the view is in the late afternoon, because in the morning the sun will be behind the old town making the sight (and pictures) not too good. Climbing on foot is quite steep but short.

Gediminas Tower

The manual ascent really isn't bad. Balls to the funicular, go for a freakin' walk people. And if you're a cheapskate (like myself) you can enjoy great views from the top of Castle Hill without necessarily going to the top of the tower. Good place to hang out in general.

United States,
Gediminas Tower