Klimt And Co Return

Art lovers have a treat to savour as a major exhibition is now open for business. "Gustav Klimt & the Kunstschau" celebrates the centenary of a trailblazing show that rocked the Vienna art world in 1908.

That year was in fact Emperor Franz Joseph's 60th jubilee, and the Habsburgs pulled out all the stops for an empire-wide celebration.

However, Gustav Klimt and many of his painter peers were not invited to take part in the creative organisation. As a result, Klimt set up his own show, including artists such a 21-year-old named Oskar Kokoschka, who sold all his paintings on the first day.

The show was a critical success (although sweltering heat kept many away) and this year the Belvedere is resurrecting the exhibition, including dozens of the original works displayed, not least Klimt's very own The Kiss.

"Klimt and the Kunshschau" will run until January 18th 2009.

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