Language Tips!

The chances are if you weren't born in the Motherland you'll never learn to read Nabokov in his native tongue (well, he wrote his best works in English anyhow!), but that's no excuse for not getting to grips with some of the Ruski basics. You'll certainly find plenty of use for them, as English is nowhere near as widely spoken as in the rest of Europe and you can't take anything for granted - even (or should we say 'especially') in train stations and places where you most need a good line of communication. Apart from making navigation easier, a little bit of Russian can also help break the ice with the locals and dispel the notion that you are just another ignorant Westerner...

A few phrases translated for your benefit... Priviet
Thank you
Vy gavarite pa angliyski?
Do you speak English?
Skol'ka stoit?
How much is it?
Ya vegeterianets
I am a vegetarian
Priyatnavo apetita!
Bon appetit!

Gde tualet?
Where is the toilet?
Skolko vam let?
How old are you?
Oo tebya est paryen?
Do you have a boyfriend?

Get started by having a look at the words and phrases we list here. However, if you want to really want to get ahead then you should sign up for some lessons at a language school, or else find your own personal tutor (ask any Russian male and they'll be more than happy to teach you all the rude words!). Pronunciation isn't easy though and is best attempted after loosening the tongue with a few vodkas... Good luck!


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Alexandra Sharp
United States

it is so much fun

Reply Apr 14th, 2010

Does anybody know a good (& not to expenive) institution where I can take courses of the Russian language? I'm doing an internship from sept - dec. BR!

Reply Aug 18th, 2009

excuse me, but you have some wrong words in russian (translate sorry and cheers). i think you have to check it :)))) cheers

Reply Mar 1st, 2007