St Petersburg Restaurants

Long gone are the dark days when all you could expect from a St. Petersburg restaurant was a ladleful of pickled cabbage dished out by a surly-looking babushka. Today you'll find a wide range of places to eat, from decent budget options to lavish upmarket joints, covering a spectrum of cuisines from virtually every continent.

Although the quality and choice of food continues to soar, don't be too surprised if the staff don't even pretend to care if you 'have a nice day' or not.

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nab. reky Moiky 82

1. The Idiot

15 reviews
nab. reky Fontanky 14

2. Demidov

3 reviews
ul. Kolokolnaya 8

3. Bliny Domik

6 reviews
Nevsky Prospekt 47

4. Palkin

6 reviews
Nevsky Prospekt 182

5. IL Patio

0 reviews
Bolshoi prospekt 13

6. Na Zdorovie

0 reviews
Nevsky Prospekt 22

7. Camelot

0 reviews
Liteyniy prospect 57

8. Nebar

0 reviews

Reviews about St Petersburg Restaurants

We were there a couple of years ago and we loved it. But Putin and his war against die Ukraine spoilt our appetite. Please stop this war,

The Idiot

Amazing food

United States,

Ambience is nice and service is good. however, I must say I was sorely disappointed with the food. I had a tasting menu with wine pairing - I didn't think the menu was well though out. Maybe they have a special menu for tourists? cooking style was repetitive and starter and main courses were both fish. Variety sorely lacking except in the wine pairing.


Poetico e confortevole. Luogo dei sogni per ogni " topo di biblioteca".

The Idiot

Hermoso lugar, cálido, con muy buena atención. Gracias.

The Idiot

I must visit it when I am in St Peters...

The Idiot

the food is good, but the prices are not what the guide books stated---cheap. we had one soup, the troika, the beef stragonoff and the millefloy and a beer--for 2 persons the bill was over $66 (US)..with a tip that was over 2,000 rubles...buyer beware!

United States,
Bliny Domik

An evening filled with delicious food and wonderful surprises. The service is impeccable. The choice of music however ( rock and roll) doesn't fully match the ambiance.


Absolutely lovely! Spent a wonderful evening dining on delicious cuisine and entertained by 'gypsy' music and songs. Definitely worth a visit.

South Africa,

Very nice place and the food very good too. The place very confortable and the staff very kind. I was there with some friends and i'm planning to go there again with my family.

The Idiot