Malls & Shopping Centres in Prague

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Veselska 663

1. Letnany

1 review
Na Prikope 22

2. Slovansky Dum

2 reviews
Na Prikope 12

3. Cerna Ruze

1 review
Namesti Republiky 1

4. Palladium

0 reviews
Na Prikope 19

5. Myslbek

1 review
Revnicka 1

6. Metropole

0 reviews
Vinohradska 151

7. Palac Flora

0 reviews
Vinohradska 50

8. Vinohradsky Pavilon

0 reviews
Plzenska 8

9. Novy Andel

0 reviews
Chlumecka 765/6

10. Centrum Cerny Most

0 reviews
Celetna 12

11. Hrzanska Pasaz

0 reviews

Reviews about Malls & Shopping Centres in Prague

Great shopping mall. Very peaceful.

United Kingdom,

God save us from the (apparently unstoppable) march of monoculture.

United Kingdom,
Cerna Ruze

At last a shopping centre where you can shop PEACEFULLY...! Great relaxing atmosphere, I really liked the fact that you can actually find every shop without having to spend hours searching for it. People there weren't the friendliest, but there again, i haven't yet found a shop in Prague where the staff was customer-oriented. One good thing though, I met friendly people at Gant and at the Coloseum restaurant :)


spent half my time in Prague in the Slovansky Dum centre. Some fantastic clothes. I love European style. God its much more expensive here than in America but there are just so many things you can't get in the US, except maybe in New York and San fran

United States,
Slovansky Dum

really cool indoor/outdoor shopping center, some neat stores and good food and coffee cafes.

Slovansky Dum