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Editor's review

Mac lovers should happily take a bite out of iStyle's apple(s). The store is an authorized Apple reseller, offering Mac laptops, desktops, iPods, speakers, bags and cables and every iaccessory you could need for your ilife. And if your Macbook crashes while you're staying in Prague, you can rest assured because iStyle also includes an Apple service centre.

Editor & Prague Local


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Czech Republic

Improved from previous experience, very helpful vendor

Reply Feb 25th, 2017
United States

Arogant jerks at Andel shop. They dont have needed skills or knowledge about apple products. If they dont smell money from you they will give you poor service. First time I was there i was buying my macbook pro they would lick my balls and begging me to let them suck me. Other time when I had problem with it because it was not charging, they were literaly running away from me and making excuses that manager isnt at shop today and they are not authorized to accept claims against warranty. Needles to say, Ive called to apple support (still had 5months left on premium support) and theyve collected it from appartment and two days later I had "my" mac back again. Not entirely mine because it was brand new. Be aware they are not Apple but merely authorized RE-sellers. Im warning you rather, take your time buy a ticket do Dressden and buy your Apple product at certified Apple store.

Reply Nov 14th, 2016
United States

Prague's iStyle store should be shut down by Apple because of the bad name they give this great line of products. Period. I have seen better Apple stores in 3rd world countries than in overstated Prague. But most importantly, iStyle has nothing (nothing) to do with level of service you get in Apple stores in the States. Forget "Genius Bar" run by super knowledgeable teenagers. You won't find them iStyle in Prague. I think Czechs have to come to realization what kind of product they deal with - and most importantly - to learn what are true rudiments of Customer Service in developed countries. So far, it has been nothing but disaster. If you wanna buy Apple computer than buy it in neighboring Austria or Germany - and pray it won't need service while in Prague. Good luck. Do not recommend.

Reply Jun 12th, 2011
Czech Republic

These guys have been consistently bad. High prices, lousy service, low level of knowledge. You are much better off to buy your Apple stuff outside of the country, because they won't service you regardless of if you bought it from them or not.

Reply May 17th, 2011

It was OK, but the prices seemed even higher than in Poland, where Macs are already expensive. I was hoping to get things cheaper here in Czech.

Reply Sep 22nd, 2010
Ariel Green
Czech Republic

My rating would be poor were it not for Jan Vanek in Service (Revolucni Istyle in Prague). Why?

I find that most of the sales people aren't so well informed and clearly haven't been given a lot of training as they don't give consistent information at all stores and basic Mac info isn't always known.

***Petr who is the manager of the sales team at the Revolucni store, which is where they say to get service on their website,..says they don't have to take macs that were not purchase at istyle (in Czech). And, was really nasty and doesn't know what customer service really is. He feels that his team has nothing to do with Service and never mind that there is only one person running the whole service dept and the guy needs a day off once in a while. What it means is if you have any problems and service has a day off or week are out of luck.

That article about "if your Mac Crashes go to istyle" while in over stating a bit. 1st of all, it usually takes a while to get serviced. If it's a software thing, you might get lucky and they will help on the spot. As, their new policy is to not recognize International warranties, you might be out of luck altogether. They refer you to a service that is pretty far away and not so easy to get to. If you are lucky, you will find someone in a good mood to help. Or, you can PAY and they'll maybe help:). NOT A USUAL MAC store. REALLY.

We are working on correcting the situation, but not there, yet. More of us need to write Mac and Istyle and get them to train Petr and all Istyle people that don't understand the true meaning of service in a kind and helpful manner:)

Jan Vanek is my super hero, as I got my Mac in before the policy..a lot of fights (not with him) and a lot of bad service, and yet he went above and beyond the call of duty. If you want good service..ask for Jan and let him know you heard he's fantastic and trustworthy.

So, could be better..would be superb if Petr didn't work there.

Good luck to you all. Lower your expectations.

If you are only buying, then you are probably OK, you will just pay a heck of a lot more then you would anywhere else:)

Happy California-Prague iMac girl

Ariel Green

Reply Jan 21st, 2009
Czech Republic

do not understand Berthas' comment. When I compare this shop with Apple Retail Store in Biltmore I do not see much difference except for some small things like cables etc.

Moreover, go to Andel iStyle and you can try Mac + mix equipment + ...

They should just work more on pricing policy as you can buy much cheaper from UK including delivery. For example new imac or macbook are less by 6000CZK each.

So I tried there and bought from UK. I only buy things with 1000 CZK diference as delivery to CR is around 45 GBP for bigger parcels.

Reply Dec 31st, 2008
United States

it was guff. nothing decent on display.

bobbins really.

Reply Jul 12th, 2007
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