Rock on, Prague!

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While many visitors come to Prague for the culture, a musical event featuring electric guitars and lyrics about love and life can be as much a cultural experience as a classical concert in the Municipal House, at least when you're in a foreign country.

Besides having a revolutionary history of rock'n'roll, a tradition started by such bands as the Plastic People of the Universe, Prague seems to be the cut-off point for touring Western bands who just can't seem to make it over to Krakow or further east (which is a shame but slowly changing). But from free Mondays to small festivals, Prague never lacks for live shows during the week, and observing the crowd bopping along to the music is enough of a cultural experience in itself. To get you straight to the rocking, the gang at Local Life has compiled a list of the best venues, regardless of size or relative obscurity.

Live music venues in Prague

Palace Akropolis
The premier venue for independent music, particularly touring bands. Think the CBGB's of Prague, but possibly with fewer drugs.

Local favourites and an indie rock night.

Rock Cafe
Frequent free or cheap shows by great locals and a room where you can watch the band on a movie screen.

Lucerna Music Bar & Club
Rock and jazz shows plus themed parties.

Futurum Music Bar
Live locals and tourists.

Free shows on Mondays!

Normally a dance club, but with free live music on Mondays.


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If you had a month plus to go to Europe to make music, would it be Berlin or Prague? Is Berlin too big to tackle in a month? Is Prague too limiting?

Reply Jun 22nd, 2016
Jay Massey
United Kingdom

loads not mentioned, the blues sklep, the place with the masonic club painted on the wall that has rock/metal/punk bands nearly every night(just off the main square(another cellar)

Reply Mar 28th, 2016
United States

After what happened with Randy Blyth of Lamb Of God, I think us western rock bands should boycott coming to Prague altogether.

Reply Dec 11th, 2014
Czech Republic

There is a new place - Chicago Music Bar, right in the city centre. beautiful place for a gig!

Reply Feb 27th, 2014
Czech Republic Metal, Rock, Hard Core

Reply Jan 3rd, 2012
Joachim Reinhardt

There`s a very good live music club missing in this list - The Vagon Music Club & Pub ! They have great cover bands as well as local bands and international artists.

Reply Dec 29th, 2009

Saw some great local music at Rock Cafe - I'd recommend going there for sure! Palac Akropolis has good shows, but not so regularly, you have to time your trip so you can catch a really good act. The prices are cheap compared to Europe though.

Reply Aug 28th, 2007