Moscow State Circus travels to Liverpool

FROM Russia with love, the Moscow State Circus returns to the UK with a brand new show, bringing thrills, spills and fabulous feasts for the eyes.

Coming to the Liverpool Empire from January 24 to 28, the troop boasts a 35 strong cast of Russia's greatest and most flexible circus performers. Many of the award-winning acts are literally pushing the boundary of human physical ingenuity to its limits.

Based on an enviable 200 year-old reputation of Russian Circus tradition, the show will feature everyone's favourite circus sights: slap-stick clowning (from award-winning clowns Igor Vorob'ev and Andrey Mashonkin), juggling, trapeze artistry, extreme balancing and strongman acts, to name just a few.

It also features a newly devised programme including acts such as: The Slavos, a springboard troupe, brimming with talent and raw energy, catapulting themselves across the stage.

The Andrey Mikheev troupe show off a dizzy display of aerial gymnastics and breathtaking balancing action which defy gravity and the laws of physics.

Russia's strongest man, Bakhrom Akhnazarov, will demonstrate feats of Herculean strength and panache.

And State Circus Aerialists will perform high above the Empire auditorium with the amazing flying ballet of Margerita Egorova promising to leave audiences breathless.


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