Google Design for Russia by 8-year old

Pyotr Alexeyev, of Belgorod, a small town in the south of the country, designed a doodle chosen by Google, to be a symbol for His design features a samovar, a nesting doll and a bear holding a tub of honey - traditional Russian symbols. The search engines name is drawn on a piece of birch bark. Alexeyev's project was one of over 5,000 works sent by children across Russia to a doodle design contest announced by the company earlier this year.
Participants aged from 6 to 17 were asked to send their doodles drawings devoted to various holidays or significant historical events that Google places on its home page depicting traditions of Russia or any of the countrys cities.
As a reward, the boy received a tablet computer and a trip to Google headquarters in the United States with his family, the company said in a statement. Google will also provide equipment for his schools computer class.


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