Cheaper Trains and More Time to Savour Museums

If you're thinking of a summer trip to Moscow this year you might want to take advantage of one of the many discounts just introduced on train fares across the country.

It's normal practice for the prices of train tickets to be hiked up, sometimes by as much as 45 per cent, just before the popular summer season. But this year all fares have been frozen and some bargains can be had for those wanting to venture beyond the country's top two attractions of Moscow and St.Petersburg. Strike out with a journey to one of the country's many other fabled cities, a resort on the the Black Sea, or a journey into the heart of 'Mother Russia' to discover the stunning pristine beauty of her countryside.

Plan your get-away and buy your tickets at least a month before travelling and you'll secure 10 per cent off the price. Heading to the Black Sea area and the Mineralniye Vody resort and you'll get 20 per cent off the cost. If you don't mind roughing it a bit on less salubrious transport on the more basic trains will get you 20 per cent off wherever you want to visit on a main train line.

Staying in the city? The you'll be glad to know that the capital's chief boffs are planning to keep the city's museums open longer in the evenings. Most places close between 6 and 7pm but city executives are keen to give more Muscovites the chance to savour the city's rich treasure trove of cultural gems. Already the the Memorial Museum of Space Exploration will be open for a hour longer - until 8pm - during the summer.


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