The Most Expensive Luxury

According to the American Forbes Magazine, rich people will spend much more money on their usual activities and products in Moscow than they would in any other city in the world.

Journalists compared prices of products such as black Petrossian caviar, a Rolls Royce Phantom, a Steinway piano, a Louis Vuitton Keepall bag, Turnbull & Asser shirts, a Rolex oyster perpetual watch, a Bill Blass silk gown - you know, stuff you'd normally get for a few bucks...Oh, prices for a deluxe suite at the Four Seasons, Intercontinental or Ritz Carlton Hotel were also taken into consideration.

Some prices were almost 40% percent higher in Moscow than in London, Paris, Moscow, Dubai, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong or Tokyo.

But let's be honest - who would really eat a kilo of a black Petrossian caviar, anyway...?


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