Princess Diana in Bolshoi Ballet

The Bolshoi Ballet have recently announced that they will be premiering a ballet about the life and death of her Royal Highness Princess Diana of Great Britain. The ballet, entitled 'Princess of the People' will be staged at the recently renovated, world famous, Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow.

British composer Keith Hearne has been hard at work composing the music, alongside the Moscow Symphony Orchestra, and the ballet is set to attract media attention all over the world - thanks to its subject, Princess Diana, a darling of her people and of the press thanks to both her charitable deeds and contraversial love life.

Following the Moscow debut of 'Princess of the People', the ballet will fly to London for a special performance commemorating the 10th anniversary of Princess Diana's death in a Paris car crash.


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Margriet Askew
United Kingdom

To the Editor. Please find the correct information regarding Keith Hearne's ballet by the following 2 links This website will be updated regularly with accurate information concerning The ballet which is due to open later this year at The Stanislavsky Theatre in Moscow. Please also view this link. Your comments appreciated. With thanks Margriet Askew

Reply Jul 25th, 2007