The invitation from restaurant Riviere - the Valentine’s day

The invitation from restaurant Riviere - the Valentine’s day Hello, a name, The unique ray of heat among cold winter is the love holiday, which whole world marks on February, 14th - the Valentine day. Traditionally in Valentines day it is accepted to exchange congratulations, recognitions, gifts both simply light and joyful emotions! Gallant Frenchmen prefer to give jewelry, and the most important jewelry of restaurant "Riviera" is the refined cuisine and romanticism atmosphere. In this day together with aroma of roses we will welcome all our visitors with champagne. All the evening long you will enjoy romantic melodies in live execution. And by the Valentine's Day the head cook specially for you has made a romantic supper in author's execution. The celebratory menu included such dishes and desserts, as: • Gentle salad from a Far East crab with a strawberry and nut sauce • Salmon tar-tar and tiger shrimps with lime cream mousse • Chicken hearts warm salad with sauce "Madera" • Slice sea scallop with mango and Sherry • Chicken liver under sauce "Porto" on pineapples grills with blackberry caramel • Baked tiger shrimps with a zucchini julienne and sauce "Bisk"A • Fillet a minion with mini vegetables and ginger-garnet sauce • chicken fricassee with ceps and mashed potatoes with green peas • Basilic Tiramisu «Riviera» - the best time and the best place to transform everyday into a romantic fairy tale. And it is very important to not miss a possibility to say the most gentle and warm words close and favorite’s relatives and lovers. Yours faithfully, Oleg Romashov, Riviera Tel: (499 243-0977, (499 243-0077

- Posted by riviere from Russia on Feb 10th, 2012

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