Looking for English speakers!

Hello,I'm a 23 year old British female in Moscow. I'm looking for Brits, Americans or American speakers to make friends with here and hang out. Please get in touch if you are interested, thanks.

- Posted by jennifer from Russia on Nov 8th, 2008

Jennifer, I am a 27 year old Swiss working in Moscow since a while. I`d be happy to get to know you. Let me know how I can contact you if you are interested.

- Posted by rudd15 from Russia on Dec 13th, 2008

Hi Rudd15 (is Rudd your real name?) Good to hear from you. Well my number here is 89645759284 so you can send me a text message if you want to go for coffee or something sometime. Where do you work in Moscow? How do you find the city? Jennifer

- Posted by jennifer from Russia on Dec 15th, 2008

Hello! this's Quentin 25 years old and italian, i know how difficult to find new friends in moscow, so if u're interested, u can get in contact with me via my phone number.89150947569

- Posted by jacquard from Russia on Jan 12th, 2009

Hi! For how long are you staying in Moscow? You still need friends? I am a 20 year old girl from finland studying in moscow and could need a friend too :) here is my number 89853697870 call me if you have time :)

- Posted by miltsu from Russia on Feb 3rd, 2009

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