Cafe Camelot

Cafe Camelot
ul. św. Tomasza 17

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Editor's review

There's something about this corner of the Old Town which has instant appeal, possibly because it is on one of the few crooked streets in an old town which is relentlessly geometric. Whatever the reason, Cafe Camelot (with its drinking, cabareting, jazz-celebrating alter ego Loch Camelot in the cellar) has drawn plenty of admirers. Its all coffee, sandwiches, cakes and plenty of current foreign language newspapers in a cosy old-fashioned cafe. Sit at the window-table and feel terribly fin-de-siecle.

Editor & Krakow Local


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they always give you lots of fruit with your drinks which is very nice

Reply May 23rd, 2018

absolutely charming

Reply May 23rd, 2018

Przyjemne miejsce na spotkania, miła obsługa i same dobre rzeczy do skosztowania.

Reply Apr 12th, 2018

Totally cute little cafe which is always a favourite for locals. Everyone loves this place. Its got a very british feel to it and its perfect for enjoying the atmosphere of the old town, sitting outside on a sunny day and watching the world go by.

They always serve fruit with their drinks which is a really nice touch. Their menu is light, cheery and sweet with sandwiches, pastas & salads plus lots of cake & sweets & a large selection of teas... great wine too. Medium prices.

Reply Mar 29th, 2018
Vítor Marques

One of my favorite in Krakow

Reply Dec 2nd, 2015
United Kingdom

Looks pretty but actually nothing special. The table in the window is perfect for poseurs.

Reply Jan 29th, 2015

But it's bad vibe free so you probably got stopped from entering by the forcefield

Reply May 23rd, 2018
United Kingdom

Once the Holy Grail of Krakow's cafes, thanks to its characteristic location (on the indent of Tomasza street), superb coffee and cakes and upper-class charm, Camelot doesn't hold quite the hegemony it used to. I guess there's only so long you can routinely treat your customers like something you trod in before they migrate to warmer climes. Still if you're not put off by some lacklustre service and overpricing, you'll find Camelot still has bags of atmosphere and arguably the best szarlotka in town... served with ice-cream and cinnamon. Yum!

Reply Dec 27th, 2013

Passive agressive much? I can see why the waiters & waitresses didn't like you....

Reply May 23rd, 2018
Paul Casey
United Kingdom

We tried this little cafe after reading many positive reviews and we were not let down. I had a amaretto coffee and a chicken penne pasta and both were delicious and just what we needed after a long day of walking around some of Krakow's sites. We shall be returning there again to try the breakfast as there was a considerable amount to choose from on the menu. The service was quite good, you'll struggle anywhere in Krakow to get really good standards of service but the young girls in here at least offer a smile upon arrival and do check back to clear plates etc. Recommended.

Reply Jan 19th, 2013

supposed to be THE most beautiful cafe in the world. check for yourselves. I liked the slice of pineapple with my tea the last time we went. have been there 30+ times and haven't tired of this place yet.

Reply Dec 14th, 2010
Sam D.
United Kingdom

Very cool decor. The red room is a cosy retreat on a winter's day. Nice furniture. Food good too.

Reply Jan 20th, 2010
Britt-Arnhild Lindland

My review can be found here:

Reply Oct 25th, 2009
United States

Really cute cafe. Go there!

Reply Jul 30th, 2009
Alex Rawlings
United Kingdom

Nothing quite like this back home. A real winner. Seems to be a very popular part of town with about three good places lined up in one kink in the street. This was our favourite...

Reply Jul 27th, 2009
Helen & Andy
United Kingdom

Beautiful cafe. Very romantic, interesting gallery upstairs too. Whiled away a couple of hours sitting out here... Recommended.

Reply May 25th, 2009
Victor Marques

I was there twice. Always with the same feeling of being in a different place than usual. Where breathes freshness and freedom.

Reply Mar 29th, 2009

We had our 1st time today morning at Camelot and we can tell it was not the last. The best cafe we've ever been.

Reply Mar 13th, 2009

It's my favourite place in Cracow, we alway start the day there with a breakfast. I cannot imagine my annual Cracow trip without Camelot!

Reply Mar 12th, 2009

We felt in love with the place. Coffees and hot chocolates are yumi, the apple pie was incredible. Place is very nice : inside AND outside. Check this !

Reply Aug 18th, 2008
United Kingdom

We stopped of here for a quick hot chocolate and cheesecake. The hot chocolate was yummy but I was quite disappointed by the cheesecake. My boyfriend finished both his and mine though. There seemed to be quite a few people having lunch there and all the dishes looked appetising.

Reply Feb 26th, 2008
United Kingdom

we've just returned from a weekend break in krakow and while there found this cafe by accident. It was fab, we went there each afternoon for a hot cherry wine, a beer and some pirrogi. My 7 year old son loved the hotchocolate and apple cake. We had a table for as long as we liked and spent a lovely time whileing away an hour or two with a box of dominos enjoying a spot of people watching. Would recommend this cafe anytime, such a lovely change from the rushed coffee shops here.

Reply Feb 5th, 2008
Jeff Niemski

This Cafe quickly became our favourite when in Krakow. The food is excellent, there's a great selection of drinks some of which are quite different but worth trying. The staff are wonderful also. If you're in Krakow, don't miss it.

Reply Jan 2nd, 2008
Martin Cameron
United Kingdom

This is a 'must go' place when in Krakow. I have visited this fascinating cafe many times and have had excellent food and service every time. The Pierogi is the best I have had - great lunchtime treat.

Reply Dec 3rd, 2007
Marie Betts

Magical sat and watched the snow fall as the light faded and then headed out warmed with Mulled wine to listen to the Polish singers sing on Independance day

Reply Nov 15th, 2007
United Kingdom

Fantastic hot cherry wine, fruit tarts and salads (give the cheesecake a miss though), but unfortunately they seem to have the slowest and least observant waitresses in the world. Don't go if you're in a hurry.

Reply Dec 7th, 2006
Richard, Lou and Jennie

A good location, though a little hard to find. Popular and has a good selection of drinks and snakcs. Godd atmosphere and some interesting decorations. Compared to other cafes, it was good but not that special.

Reply Nov 26th, 2006
United Kingdom

Love the ambience of this in the hot summer. Just off the beaten Track...good strong beer as well as the coffee !

Reply Jun 22nd, 2006
United Kingdom

I have spent 1 week in Cracow and in this cafe they did not have any english papars. It is not true!!!!

Reply May 11th, 2006
Adrian Peña

One of the best places i've known through Europe. Appealing and charming, "a La Boheme" style that captivates you with its excellent dishes and drinks. Dont forget to try the hot beer with honey !! A Must.

Reply Apr 19th, 2006
United Kingdom

the best cafe in the world. Amazing, fantastic!!!!!

Reply Feb 18th, 2006
Leonie Wolmarans
South Africa

The MOST romantic,elegant coffie shop I have ever been to!

The interior takes you back to a time where there was no war, poletitions and hate. It makes you feel that there still is love in the world! Can not wait to have my coffie there again!!!!

Reply Jan 7th, 2006
rod reese
United States

we went there dec 27, 2005 at 3:30pm

the place was packed evidencing its popularity. actually too popular for us.

very crowded-about half english speakers and about half polish.

the upside-no english newspapers as we read they had in a review somewhere so we didn't have to suffer the concocted stories, propaganda and wishful thinking of the leftist english & american press.

downside-our waitress.

several people came in after we were seated, had their order taken and were even served before our waitress managed to get back and take our order. we were just getting up to leave when she finally showed up. she was soon back again to tell us her workday was over and could we pay her now. a very american experience.

we've been to a number of coffee houses in our visits to krakow and i see no particular reason to return here. there are two other good, we felt.. better ones on the same street just a block or so in each direction which do not appear on this website-cafe dandy #19 and pozegnanie z afryka #21(coffee for sale, a virtual coffee museum.)

Reply Dec 27th, 2005
No. 3
United Kingdom

Nice place to meet for a sophisticated coffee. Fantastic Szarlotka (apple cake) with icecream. Overpriced for Krakow, but if you're a tourist you won't notice

Reply Oct 13th, 2005
Joanna Browarska
United Kingdom

Fantastic place! We stayed in Krakow for 4 days and have returned 3 times. The atmosphere is truly magnificent!

I recommend going there for breakfast – what an affair! Everything looks stunning and taste delicious. Such a difference from you typical breakfast served in gastro pubs and cafes in the UK! You sit at the table enjoying all those delicacies and flicking through up to date English papers offered free on the premises… Bliss at the heart of Krakow.

In the evening, it is a different affair… Candle-lit place consist of two rooms so called “white room” overlooking the street with cute round tables situated at the windows and the “red room” – decadent and full of arty objects and interesting people! Again, the menu choices are spot on: you want to try everything! The wine and drinks selection is immaculate; try muled hot wine – a perfect accompaniment to those cold Polish nights. This place is a real gem! Don’t just take my word for it, try it…

Reply Dec 8th, 2004

I just loved that place. The wine is good, and the prices are very much ok. I highly recommend the place, and a little hint: Try to get a glass of fresh carrot juice :)

Reply Oct 2nd, 2004
United Kingdom

Wonderful. Lovely cakes, tea and passable beer (zywiec - opt for warka or okocim if you get the chance). Fab decor, a music venue downstairs and a delightful dimly lit blood red room at the back. Go.

Reply Apr 22nd, 2004
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