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Św. Agnieszki 9

1. Cosmic MiniGolf Pub

0 reviews
Paczółtowice 328, Krzeszowice

2. Krakow Valley Golf

4 reviews

Reviews about Golf in Krakow

Nice course. I haven't seen as big golfing venues even in Spain. Although the buffet was pretty poor. I also recommend to bring your own gear.

Krakow Valley Golf

Now renowned for it's golfing heritage this course was a big suprise, firstly the price, it ain't cheap but for something comparable in the uk you would pay more. Recommended

United Kingdom,
Krakow Valley Golf

OK. So, I met some business acquaintances here last summer. Took a while to find it, and I'm not sure how anyone does - without intense help from locals. Once we got here though, we found that it was well worth the trip. On a clear day, this place is majestic. It's peaceful and relaxing and the surrounding countryside is simply stunning. I especially liked the forest and interesting geological structure (I think it was called "the enchanted gate" or something?) on the road leading up to the place. Now, the road itself? Well, that could still use a bit of work - as many roads in Poland, unfortunately. But i digress. The grounds were very nice. In fact, the entire complex made an impression on me. Nice course, stables, shooting range, hotel, restaurant... the works! There appeared to be some constrution going on as well; so, I guess they'll be expanding even more. To make a surprisingly long review even longer: I had a good time here and recommend the place to everyone. Just make sure someone from around here helps you find the place. I also heard a rumor that they'll be putting in a landing strip or helipad? Guess, that makes sense. Anyways, nice place. And I should have won my game too. I was robbed on the 17th. Next time, it's payback.

United States,
Krakow Valley Golf

Nice place but very difficult to find. The golf course will look much nicer in the summer, I'm sure. There are other things to do in the meantime - like shooting. Makes a nice weekend break from the city.

United Kingdom,
Krakow Valley Golf