Wianki // Krakow's Free City-Wide Music Festival

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In all our worldly travels, we have never seen a city throw such a big free public party as Krakow does with Wianki!

Over 160,000 flower wreath wearing humans of all ages, personalities & nationalities gather together in the spirit of community to enjoy dozens of concerts across 6 main open-air stages, a massive fireworks display, the Unsound Silent Disco, Club Night, and all the other brilliant events that accompany our Spring Flower Wreath Festival // Wianki - Fête de la Musique!

Prepare your flower wreath for the best flower wreath competition at the free flower wreath making stands & you're ready for a long day of concert hopping around the most beautiful & historical parts of the city, delicious food, dancing in the sunshine and later, under the stars. When the outdoor performances finally wrap up for the night, you can head to some of Krakow's most popular clubs (Szpitalna 1, Forum, etc.) to continue the official Wianki celebrations.

This year, 2019, Wianki will take place on 22nd June. ---> Event Page

Official Website // Full Program 

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Here are just some of the beautiful historical locations in which you will find Wianki's concert stages: Rynek Głowny, Plac Szczepanski & Mały Rynek (Old Town), Rynek Podgorzski (Podgorze), Powiśle 11 (Beneath Wawel), Plac Wolnica, Bulwar Kurlandzki (Along the river). Each stage has it's own theme (jazz, rock, up'n'comers, super famous, old school, electronic, etc) and will be graced with it's own unique line up of musicians throughout the day.

We feel that we should say just a few more words about the Silent Disco before we leave you... it's amazing. It's fantastic. It's totally bizarre. Two Dj's play live on stage and the crowd dances... but unknowing passers by will be left very confused by the absolute silence. Switch between the DJ's unique live streams with your special headphones. The line to get in will be ridiculously long but it''s free, it's magic & it's totally worth the wait.


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