Ultimate Festival Calendar // Spring + Summer // Krakow 2018

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As the sun returns to this city of artists, musicians, foodies, writers & yogis, Krakow blossoms into life with as many festivals as there are rays of sunshine.

With so many parks, bars, galleries & cafes, we don't exactly need an excuse go out and have fun....  but this plethora of non-stop festivity making certainly doesn't hurt your afternoon plans. Famous for it's depth of culture, Krakow is is full to the brim with celebrations to satisfy just about every interest there is, and just raring to inspire new curiosity. It must be one of the most festival heavy cities in the world.

Welcome to the modern capital of the new wave bourgeoisie... get 'cho poncy small talk honed, your opinions ready to strike, your ironic but not ironic adidas shiny - and enjoy yourself!


One of the free outdoor cinemas // OFF Camera Festival // Photo by Filip Radwański


images 20 to 22nd - KRAKERS

images 24th to 29th - 2nd International Piano Duet Festival Duettissimo

images 27th to 30th - Young & Old Jazz in Kraków International Festival

images 27th April to 6th May - Netia OFF Camera

images 28th April to 4th May - OFF Scena



Crowdsurfing at the finale concert // Juwenalia Krakowskie // Photo by  Iza Łysoń


images 6th to 27th - Olimp Art Spring Organ Festival

images 7th to 10th - 9th LGBT Film Festival // Kinie Pod Baranami

images 9th to 12th - Science Festival

images 10th to 27th - Nowa Huta Musical Spring

images 11th to 19th -  13th Felix Mendelssohn Music Days

images 12th  - Kogel Mogel

images 12th to 13th // 19th to 20th - Festival of Open Apartments

images 13th - Art & Food Bazar

images 15th to 20th - Juwenalia Krakowskie

images 18th to 19th - Museum Night

images 19th - Kiermash

images22nd to 24th - Solo Duo Trio Festival

images 25th - Green ZOO Festival

images 25th May to June 17th - Krakow Garden Festival

images 25th May to 24th June - Krakow Photo Fringe

images 25th May to 24th June - Krakow Photomonth

images 27th - Holi Festival // Krakow Festival of Colours

images 27th May to June 3rd - Krakow Film Festival

images 29th May to June 5th - Film Music Festival





Costumed crowds celebrate in Rynek Głowny // The Great Dragon Parade


images 1st to 2nd - 4th Selector Festival

images 1st to 3rd - Niepołomice Days

images 1st to 3rd - Beerweek Festival

images 2nd - Piknik Krakowski

images 2nd - Great Dragon Parade

images 2nd - Eataway Mayday Picnic

images 7th - Lajkonik Parade

images 7th to 10th -  Miłosz Festival 2018

images 9th - Nowa Huta Day

images 9th June to 1st July - Kraków Opera Summer Festival

images 10th - Najedzeni Fest

images 15th to 17th - Jarmark Swietojanski

images 16th to 17th - Piknik Krakowski

images 21st - Kupala Night // Noc Kupały

images 22nd - International Folklore Festival

images 22nd June to 1st July - Jewish Culture Festival

images 23rd - Wianki

images 23rd to 24th - VIII Days of the Kocmyrzów-Luborzyca Commune

images 23rd to 24th - Małopolska Airplane Picnic

images 23rd to 24th - Piknik Krakowski

images 24th - Art & Food Bazar

images 24th June - 5th August - Summer Jazz Festival

images 26th - Impact Festival 2018

images 28th June to 1st July - Nowa Muzyka Festival  (Katowice)

images 30th - Piknik Krakowski



Timelapse of dancers in the Main Square // Cracovia Danza


images TBA - Wawel at Dusk

images TBA - Ars Cameralis  

images 1st - Piknik Krakowski

images 4th to 7th - EtnoKrakow // Crossroads

images 5th to 8th - 30. Ulica International Festival of Street Theatre

images 6th July to 21st August - International Print Triennial

images 7th to 8th - Piknik Krakowski

images 10th to 14th - Slot Art Festival (Lubiąż)

images 14th to 15th - Piknik Krakowski

images 14th to 16th - Oświęcim Life Festival 

images 19th to 22nd - Goadupa Festival (Baligród)

images 21st to 22nd - Hearth Festival 

images 21st to 22nd - Piknik Krakowski

images 22nd - Art & Food Bazar

images 22nd to 29th - Cracovia Danza

images 28th to 29th - Piknik Krakowski



Colourful camping grounds // OFF Festival in nearby Katowice // Photo by Ra2nski


images TBA - Music in Old Cracow

images 3rd to 5th - Off Festival (Katowice)

images 3rd to 11th - Duszniki International Chopin Piano Festival  (Duszniki)

images 4th to 5th - Piknik Krakowski

images 4th to 10th - Tour De Pologne

images 11th - 14th Pierogi Festival

images 11th to 12th - Piknik Krakowski

images 17th to 18th - Live Festival

images 18th to 19th - Piknik Krakowski

images 18th to 21st - Krakow Folklore Festival

images 25th to 16th - Piknik Krakowski


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