Best Summer Gardens in Krakow

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Restaurant patios, gardens, terraces - anyhow you call them, it is hard to imagine the summer in Krakow without them. They give us the unique atmosphere of the city by night, they let us hide from the everyday rush and just relax. A lazy dinner in the outdoors creates this special feeling of being on holiday, with the light evening breeze and picturesque sunset. What else do we need? Of course, a plate of tasty food and a glass of good wine. So, where to go and what can we expect? There are hundreds of summer gardens in Krakow but we decided to provide a short and useful guide and choose the most romantic places.

Dynia Resto Bar

Dynia means pumpkin in Polish, and we promise your pumpkin will turn into a Cinderella’s chariot when you enter this restaurant’s patio. Located in between the buildings, the garden gives the impression of being away from all the city noise. In fact, this place has an utterly magical atmosphere with high bushy ferns and colorful lanterns. The tables and chairs differ, which makes the place look casual and stylish at the same time. What’s more, you can sit on a cosy garden armchair and just relax, overlooking a blue sky. Dynia is known for its good and quick service as well as for its universal menu. The restaurant combines the creative cuisine with seasonality and, obviously, serves many pumpkin dishes. The undeniable advantage of Dynia’s garden is the fact that you can drop in for a coffee or come for a romantic dinner, and in both cases, Dynia will be perfect.

Meho Café

Nothing special about trees? That means you haven’t seen MehoCafé’s garden yet. The place is located in the house of Jozef Mehoffer, painter who worked at the turn of 19th and 20th century. The spacious garden is hidden between monumental buildings. And the trees are just amazing! They remember the times of Mehoffer and provide the desirable shade thanks to their spreading branches. On the one hand, the café has the charm of the old days, but on the other hand, the menu is completely contemporary. You will find there delicious coffee, cakes, smoothies and seasonal lunch sets.


The idea of the place, located in Kazimierz, was to preserve the former character of the area. The owners wanted to keep this part of the district untouched and give it new life. The garden is often very busy, but also spacious (yes, this patio is huge!), so you don’t have to worry about the crowd. Wooden tables under high trees create the feeling of a lazy Saturday with friends (even if it’s Monday morning). What’s crucial, the mission of the owners is visible in all the details – here, the tradition is cultivated and the transient fashion does not stand a chance. That is why Mleczarnia lets everybody feel comfortable.

La Campana

La Campana is the Italian trattoria located in Kanonicza street, probably the most antique and romantic street in Krakow, just in front of Wawel castle. The summer garden of this restaurant is perfect for a dinner with the significant other. The patio in between the red brick walls gives the feeling of intimacy and tranquility. Many trees and blossoming bushes provide the patio with plenty of cosy nooks, where you can find a table for two. Little lanterns and bouquets of fresh flowers add a shade of fairy-tale atmosphere. In the menu, you will find everything associated with holidays on the Italian island. You can also count on live music in La Campana, so it is better to book a table, especially during the weekend.

Pimiento (Stolarska)

Pimiento Argentino Grill doesn’t sound very romantic but don’t be misled by this impression. The patio attracts attention with a tasteful design. Although all restaurant gardens are decorated with flowers and lanterns, here the composition is more classy. The walls of surrounding buildings are thoroughly covered with emerald-green ivy, which gives this specific softness and cosiness. In Pimiento, you will find a wide range of wines to accompany the Argentinian seasoned beef. Remember to reserve the table as the restaurant is known for the best beef sirloin in town.

Café Camelot

This café provides a very special atmosphere. How to explain it? The best way is to visit the place. The first garden is located outside the café, facing the alley, but we highly recommend the one hidden inside. Entering the place, you don’t really expect the surprise waiting for you at the end. In between brick buildings, the patio represents an oasis of coolness during hot summer days. Even though you are only 100 metres away from loud streets, you can relax and enjoy seasonal food. The café is great for breakfast or lunch, the menu offers a wide range of original drinks, cocktails and smoothies. The place is known also for good service, understanding the needs of the guests. Being there, it is worth to see the unique interior decor, too.


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