Nadmiar Festival: Revision // Full Program

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Nadmiar: Revision, Krakow's most deliciously decadent eco-art-experimental-music-festival, overflowing with second-hand excess and filling the cup left by empty noise of all the other festivals.

There are loads of free exhibitions and events but the two musical nights are going to go off so hard, we really recommend you to get your tickets quick before they're gone. Because this year, Nadmiar is leaving Unsound in the mainstream shadow where it belongs while we come out and dance in the light of the new age. This is Krakow's real and raw, underground, environmentally charged visual arts and experimental music festival.

The 6 Day Festival Program is stuffed to the brim with neuron re-aligning exhibitions, workshops, discussion panels, live music acts and dj sets... don't bother preparing yourself... you can't... as this life-changing series of events will be like nothing you have ever experienced before!!!

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Monday, 1.07


Meeting With Representatives Of Krakow’s Ecological Organizations

Młodzieżowy Strajk Klimatyczny (Youth Climate Strike), Earth Strike, Extinction Rebellion, Babcie dla Klimatu (Grandmothers for Climate)

- Free admission -


Where: Freedom in Krakow, ul. Mikołajska 4/6.

When: 19.00 - 21.00

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Tuesday, 2.07


Pamoja Tours

Accompanying Exhibition

Sometimes the system breaks. In its crevices, there is a promise of unlimited freedom, a paradise where you can simply be without rules. This is the Temporary Autonomous Zone... you just need to notice it. However, it is subject to one principle - it's not permanent.

It must disappear to reappear at a different time and place. In her essence is a failure inscribable. It is not a revolution, it is a continuous insurrection. Although it does not exist permanently, it leaves behind traces of an instant win, change, and the announcement of another victory. Travel Bureau Pamoja Tours offers a high-class dream of green space in the city centre. A dream enclosed in several paintings from the catalogue across four walls.

The Temporary Group consisting of Ola Nenko, Alicja Pakosz, Anka Skoczeń, Justyna Wiśniowska and Piotr Zięba enter the premises of the Temporary Autonomous Zone to accompany the Pamoja Tours travel agency on the 2nd of July with a moment of freedom in the center of the gentrified Podgórze district.

Curators: Łukasz Roth, Katarzyna Zawada
Artists: Alicja Pakosz, Piotr Zięba, Ola Nenko, Justyna Wiśniowska, Anna Skoczeń

- Free admission -


Where: Galeria Razem Pamoja, ul. Józefińska 9

When: 18.00 - 21.00

More Info:


Wednesday, 3.07


Children & Fish Have A Voice: Art Workshops For Kids


The workshops "Children And Fish Have A Voice" will combine artistic creativity with elements of ecological education, mainly the impact of humanity's activities on the natural environment of our planet. With a short video, children will learn about the effects of today's human activity, and then, out of various found objects, they will be able to make recycled images of animal species, which, as a result of our destructive actions have already completely died out.

We want to show and at the same time make children aware that they also have and should speak on important issues, and that soon this will affect them directly. If we are adults, we will not stop the progressing degradation of our planet. We kindly ask you to bring a few small, clean waste items from which children will be able to create their work. 

The place where the workshops are run serves delicious coffee, lunches and other snacks that parents will be able to order during the workshops. 

Animator: Tomasz Janik


- Free Admission -


Where: BAL in Zabłocie, Ślusarska 9

When: 15.00 - 17.00

More Info:


Number of places: 15 people



F * ck it! Sex Toys Made From Upcycled Plastic: Workshops With WetMeWild


Every year, over 8 million tons of plastic lands in seas and oceans. How is this possible? This is the result of an imperfect recycling system and our individual decisions. During the workshop, we will learn how HDPE plastic, ubiquitous in our lives, can be turned into erotic toys.

During this process, we will be able to discuss our uncertain future and transform our ecological responsibility ecological will become sex. The objects will be created in cooperation with Plastikowa Rewolucja (Plastic Revolution), a branch of Precious Plastic Poland which is a community of people working towards solving the problem of global plastic pollution. More on:

Participants of the workshop are kindly requested to bring a handful of plastic bottle lids.

Host: Justyna Górowska


Where: Galeria Razem Pamoja, ul. Józefińska 9

When: 18.00 - 20.00

More Info:

Participation in the workshops: PLN 25 (paid at workshop)


Number of places: 8 people



Thursday, 4.07


Fat Guy White Shirt


How much does a white cotton t-shirt cost? Probably from a few to several hundred zlotys. But this is only money, the issue is of choices and economic opportunities. How much does water cost? From a few to a dozen or so zlotys. But this is only money, the issue is of choices and economic opportunities.

And now play in math: How much water does a white cotton T-shirt cost? Apparently 2,500 liters of water. For its production. And what about transport? Electricity supplying the factory? Computer designer or merchant? How much water does the ad use? How much is the agency of an advertising agency? How much water does it take to print a billboard and record a commercial? What about fountains and toilets in shopping centers where you bought a white T-shirt? What about their supply and access to employees? How much water does its cyclic washing use? How much in the production of washing powder? And bleach when hamburger sauce drops onto him? How much water does the sauce production consume? How much water is needed to produce beef and bread? How much does it take to produce an antiperspirant to avoid sweat stains under the armpits? How much water does it take to maintain a gym, thanks to which you can look good in a white T-shirt? How much water has been used to produce the smartphone on which you read this? How much does it cost to charge it at night? How much water was absorbed the preparation of the "Fat Guy White Shirt" exhibition? What was the cost of wine and beer production for the exhibition opening?

How much water is there even the world? Seemingly a lot. This is not drinkable enough, less and less and it is decreasing faster and faster. And when that does not change, there will never be white T-shirts, advertising companies, shopping centers and exhibition openings. Because it's not about money anymore, it's not about choices and possibilities. That's it.

Artists: Karolina Jarzębak, Tomek Nowak

Curator: Kamil Kuitkowski


- Free Admission


Where: Galeria Jak Zapomnieć, Dietla 7

When: 19.30

More Info:


Friday, 5.07


Don’t Worry

Main Exhibition

Year 2029. It is predicted that in 71 years our population will reach 11 billion. Populist European governments are introducing new programs to encourage procreation. Politicians promise improvement, never-ending growth. We will overcome it, do not worry. The economy, after all, can not stop.

The new generation must pay for an unprofitable pension system that has not changed much since its inception. The length of our lives has changed. The announced total ban on contraception and the production and sale of sex toys results in strikes in many countries. The most radical group is now the international anti-natalist movement. "Make kin not babies!" - they shout during speeches and rallies. How do they deal with the surrounding situation? With a collective underground creating DIY sex toys from upcycled plastic. Dildo - an object that a few years ago seemed carefree and apolitical, became a symbol of rebellion. A new sexual revolution.

Year 2119. Anti-natalists lose. Development will never end and the economy will not stop. The struggle for raw materials and water continues. Depression and suicide due to ecological disaster are commonplace. The narrow group of the wealthiest still lives in moderate comfort. After all, man can handle everything. Geoengineering, bioengineering - the level of development has never been so high. We have almost everything under control, there is only one element that is not so easy to get rid of. The rich deal with negative emotions using EMDR therapy sessions. "You won't feel and worry anymore," says a warm voice in a safe room, but do you have enough money to hear these words? Year 12019. Slow sunrise. For some, the development is over, for some it is just beginning. Today's economy, do not worry, do not worry, we're not here anymore.

Artists: Justyna Górowska, Iza Koczanowska, Marta Nawrot, Jagoda Wójtowicz, Mikołaj Szatko

Curator: Katarzyna Zawada


- Free admission -


Where: Galeria Nośna, Zabłocie 9a.

When: 20.00

More Info:



Main Exhibition Opening Afterparty

Concert: Music/DJ Sets

What do you need to know? Amazing artists will perform amazing conceptual music and you will dance amazingly or be serious and still in a corner and appreciate amazingly and you will feel the atmosphere amazingly with all the amazing people in this amazing semi-secret location.



Erah live

ixc999x live

aroo0700 rap live

live feed

Katarina Gryvul live

TRSSX live



Where: Warsztat, Zabłocie 9a.

When: 21.00


First Pool [ticket for 2 days] - 45 PLN

Second Pool [ticket for 2 days] - 55 PLN

Admission: PLN 20 on the gate (if tickets will be available)

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Saturday, 6.07


Dar Serca x Nadmiar Collection: Pamela Bozek

Exhibition/Pop-up Store

The Dar Serca (gift from the heart) collection for Nadmiar consists of a hundred pieces of clothing selected by the artist and bearing a unique label. This clothing comes from the collection of gifts for refugees and refugees living in the ‘Center for Foreigners’ and ‘Foreigners in Łuków’ that for some reason or another (such as desperate ugliness or not meeting regulations of Islamic dress code) could not be accepted by the refugees. 

The Dar Serca collection in collaboration with Nadmiar is a question about the value of things and our responsibility towards them. It is about the choice of an alternative route for reducers/recyclers of clothing. As part of the Dar Serca performance, 100 pieces of clothing chosen by Pamela Bożek will undergo a makeover to regain their attractiveness before returning to Krakow in a fresh, new, lovable form.

The label created for this donated collection is at the same time an attempt to transfer worthless things into the sphere of paralleling and a special type of stigma. Second hand is back in first - all persons taking part in the collection of gifts will be informed about the possibility of re-adopting or purchasing their former clothing. The collection, however, will be available to everyone, and each of the one hundred parts will become a brick that will be available in return for donating to the beneficiaries - refugees from the center in Łuków.

To cooperate in creating the collection, the artist invited fashion photographer Alicja Kozak (Alicja Kozak) and a stylist with the experience of refugee Taras Gembik (Taras Gembik). This unique collection will be available in the space of the boutique. The event will be accompanied by an exhibition of photographs by Alicja Kozak. We encourage you to visit us, we will welcome you with coffee and a refreshing prosecco.

Artist: Pamela Bożek

- Free Admission -

Where: J e d n a z d r u g ą, Józefińska 47

When: 11.00 - 15.00

More Info:



Fast Fashion vs. Sustainable Fashion - The Impact Of The Textile Industry On The Environment

Discussion Panel

Nadmiar loves clothes, fashion and fabrics. However, she wants to be an aware consumer and take responsibility for every item she buys. It is said that the clothing industry ranks second in the line-up of the most polluting industries on earth. The only industry taking the crown from it is oil.

What is the real cost of cheap clothes available in popular chains? Who and under what conditions sews for us, how much water is used to produce one T-shirt? How much is used every year when dyeing fabrics? Apparently 2 trillion m3 of water. Let's add transport to it. What is the real cost of what can be bought in the store for as little as PLN 20? During the panel we will talk to the textile industry, about our relationship with materials, about possible alternatives. 

Panelists: Justyna Górowska (WetMeWild), Pat Guzik, Małgorzata Markiewicz, Agnieszka Zieleziecka (Obcy w mojej szafie), Nina Sakowska


- Free Admission -


Where: Warsztat, Zabłocie 9a

When: 15.30 - 17.30



Do our daily choices affect global problems?

Discussion Panel

The problem of global warming is probably the most difficult one we have ever had to face. Many of us do not feel that we have any impact on this global problem. During the panel, we will reflect on the real impact of the individual talking about responsible consumerism, how what we eat affects the environment, freeganism and zero waste strategies.   

Panelists: Katarzyna PomianMarysia Huma (Kupuj odpowiedzialnie), Karolina Kowalska (Otwarte Klatki)

Host: Katarzyna Zawada

- Free Admission -

Where: Warsztat, Zabłocie 9a

When: 17.30 - 19.30



Main Concert/Party

The second and final edition of the musical portion of Nadmiar. Bizzare, beautiful, magical, murmering, blowhole tickling, unnerving, all kinds of whatever things and serious things musicians of high and low regard. Princes and peasants, whoever they want to be. Noise. Sound. Tone. Party. Not Party. Visuals and what-should-we-call-it's and madness and rationalism.

Come and see for yourself if you want to know.

But it will be f*cking good.


First Stage

Dj Zerowaste (Excess) dj set

Krzeski (Rygor / Jebaćtyhihten Records) dj set

House of Public Vogue!

PUSSYMANTRA & VJ no art live performance

FOQL & VJ Copy Corpo AV live

Dj Morgiana Hz hybrid set

Recombinations & VJ Agnespies AV live

Kryst (Rygor) dj set


Second Stage

Ehh hahah live

splndr rap rap

lúa live

Asthma live

TRSSX & Kuba Château b2b

Justyna Stasiowska dj set


VJs / Mapping:


Ernest Borowski

Jan Moroz

Nastasja Filipowna

Jadzia Hernas


Where: Warsztat, Zabłocie 9a.

When: 22.00 - ...



First Pool [ticket for 2 days] - 45 PLN

Second Pool [ticket for 2 days] - 55 PLN

Admission: PLN 45 at the gate (if tickets are available)

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