Nadmiar Festival #4: Revision

Mon 1st
Nadmiar Festival #4: Revision

\\\ NADMIAR / EXCESS #4: Revision ///

[dolphin sounds in the background]

Nadmiar, a visual arts and experimental music festival. Nadmiar gets touched by the Baroque style, becomes inspired by Camp aesthetics, sheds a tear listening to classical music, contemplates contemporary music and explores the intricacies of Pop culture. Nadmiar has been created as « an irregularly shaped pearl made out of Styrodur». Now it’s time to reconsider all of this and answer the question of how could we get this pearl upcycled?

The theme of this year’s edition is \\ Revision // a term understood as a process of re-evaluation of all the previous beliefs, theories and actions. This is a historic moment - Nadmiar, so far only celebrating the excess of camp, will be for the very first time critical toward its own self. The time has come to revise our own beliefs and face up the reality - let’s be honest - we have failed at some point. Remember the careless era of the year 2000? The year of the memorable Millennium bug, the year in which Britney Spears released her first album “Oops!... I Did It Again”, the year of the famous single “ The water of glass” composed by the one and only Beata Kozidrak and her band Bajm. In that year, a duo of two great environment experts, Eugene F. Stoermer and Paul J. Crutzen pointed out the necessity to define a new geological epoch. They suggested to name it - the Anthropocene - indicating that human would be a direct factor to influence and shape our planet. The notion of Anthropocene quickly became a hot topic and its appearance led to the creation of several lively discussions, not just on the environmental issues, but it also touched upon the whole idea of humanities. Nowadays, we live in the era determined mainly by Anthropocentric narrative which lies upon the foundation of our civilization. The narrative we have created ourselves. The narrative which led us on the verge of an ecological catastrophe, coming together with a serious political, economic and social crisis.
We are entirely aware of all those facts, however …

Here we come to let our inner dolphin-free! Taking advantage of the festival formula which often includes many unsustainable and ecologically wrong decisions, we are going to make an effort to organise a festival in a wisely and less waste manner.
The last edition of Nadmiar Nadmiar Miłości#3 was immensely beautiful and romantic however we openly admit - we have let down our dear Planet Earth and its ecosystem.

It’s time every Contemporary Dandy faced up to the mirror and think about the fact of how much water has been used to produce this extravagant silky scarf that is lain around his neck.
 Being anthropocentric is totally uncool

The Festival Program presents: exhibitions, workshops, discussion panels, live music acts and dj sets.

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FOQL & Copy Corpo, Erah, paszka, DJ Morgiana / Karolina Karnacewicz, PUSSYMANTRA & no art visuals, Rekombinacje, Desper, Kryst, Krzeski, Dj Zerowaste, ehh hahah, lúa, splndr, ASTMA, TRSSX, Kuba Château., Justyna Stasiowska, @ixc999x, @aroo0700, Katarina Gryvul

>Visual/sound art:
Justyna Górowska (WetMeWild), Iza Koczanowska (Isla Paradis), Marta Navrot & Jagoda Wójtowicz, Karolina Jarzębak, Tomek Nowak, Alicja Pakosz, Piotr Zięba, Ola Nenko, Anka Skoczeń, Justyna Wiśniowska, Pamela Bożek
Kamil Kuitkowski, Ukasz Roth, Katarzyna Zawada

>Discussion Panels:
Pat Guzik, Justyna Górowska, Małgorzata Markiewicz, Nina Sakowska, Agnieszka Zieleziecka, Katarzyna Pomian
EarthStrike Kraków, Młodzieżowy Strajk Klimatyczny Kraków, Extinction Rebellion Kraków

>>> TICKETS <<<

I ROUND [2 days pass] - 45 PLN
II ROUND [2 days pass] - 55 PLN

IMPORTANT: Tickets for single days ( Friday and Saturday) would be available at the event venue on the condition that they are not sold out in advance.

FRIDAY 5.07. - 20 PLN
SATURDAY 6.07. - 45 PLN



This event happens in Warsztat

ul. Zabłocie 9a/9b