Learn Polish in Krakow

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No one can deny that spending the weekend in Krakow is a delightfully pleasant experience, and one bound to entail plenty of adventure, excitement and thrills - but it's all too easy to return from such a trip with no further insight into the Polish language, culture and people than before you set out. Certainly, as you butcher the Polish words for 'please' and 'thank you' at your beleaguered waitress on one of the Main Square's many cafes and bars, she's unlikely to be very impressed!

Taking the time to learn some of the Polish language will not only elevate you above the average tourist in the locals eyes, but it can also be an amazingly fruitful and fun experience in itself. In Krakow Polish is mostly taught by young and energetic native speakers how to pronounce those tricky Polish consonants (they're really not as bad as they seem!) and who will make you feel you're making real progress after just a few lessons. In fact, before long you'll be ordering your pierogi like a real Krakovian! And it's not just your language skills that will benefit either; during a course in Krakow you're bound to make friends, giving you a great platform with which to explore Krakow's famous tourist attractions and her even more famous nightlife. Don't forget that this is part of the joy of the learning languages abroad - the chance to really explore a foreign city thoroughly, and to meet new people along the way.

The language courses themselves range from absolute beginner to advanced, so don't be worried about finding a class to fit your level (usually a two-stage assessment will be done on arrival for non-beginners). In summer most Polish schools start a course every two weeks, and each two week 'session' includes 50 hours of expert instruction, with additional individual lessons laid on for those wanting to advance as quickly as possible. Of course it is possible to join back to back sessions, meaning you can study anywhere from two weeks to sixteen weeks during summer, or up to twelve weeks in winter. And after a busy summer the semester courses start, especially recommended for those who decide to put down their roots in Krakow. 

Click on the link to see detailed offers of each of our partner schools: Varia and Glossa, or browse our services list to find just the programme.


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United States

Hello! I am coming to Krakow for two days and was wondering if I could hiring a tutor for two hours per day for an absolute beginner class. Thank you!

Reply Mar 8th, 2020

we recommend contacting varia school of polish for foreigners

Reply Mar 10th, 2020

I offer you private lessons of polish. I studied teaching polish as a foreign language. I know english and spanish perfectly and a little bit of italian. Feel free to ask for more. Write me on: es.pol.learn@gmail.com

Reply Nov 14th, 2012

ok, that sounds great and all, but where can i subscribe? I'm already in the city, and i plan to stay for at least 1 year, so i will certainly study polish. If you have a good adress, like the one you descibe here, please present me that. Dziekuje bardzo!

Reply Nov 9th, 2009
Beshoy Adly

''i think that is harder than arabic''

Reply Oct 8th, 2009
United States

I heard that Polish is even harder than Russian. Is that true?

Reply Oct 1st, 2009
Manish Devmurari

i would like to come there and learn ur local polish language at the ur plce so if u can let me know from where to start my procesedure on my mail ID or my ce

Reply Jul 14th, 2009
moudilou gerardine marita

je veux une inscription pour octobre 2009

Reply Feb 26th, 2009
cengiz yalinkilic
United States

hello from USA.I like to come poland and sign up for the class feb 4- 15. i also need your direct phone number so i can call you and ask you some questions.i need information for me find a place to stay during my stay. looking forward hear from you soon. thank you.

Reply Jan 15th, 2008