Breakfast In Krakow: Our Tips

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Breakfast, the most important meal of the day can also be the most enjoyable one. Take it slow, and start your Krakow adventure with style in one of the city’s Krakow cafes or restaurants. Alternatively, why not eat with a local at their home for a real insider experience? 'Breakfast at Jeremi's' offers Saturday morning lazy brunches in a Krakow garden....

As far as restaurants are concerned, let’s start off with Charlotte, a France-inspired bistro on Szczepański Square. How about an epic croque madame with freshly squeezed juice? If you have a sweet tooth a buttery croissant with divine, soft melting chocolate and a cup of cafe au lait will work out.

Yet, if don’t feel like fighting for a table on Sunday morning, we suggest you head for Pauza in Garden. The spacious and minimalist interior fosters freelance workers and those who appreciate intimacy. It's very likely that you’ll come across one of the cultural events that they organize on a daily basis.

Regarding cultural events, Bunkier Cafe by the Planty Park, adjacent to Bunkier Sztuki Gallery of Modern Art guarantees a delicious breakfast with a view of the Planty Park, and a spot of art to go with it. Their outdoor terrace is heated in winter, in case you're wondering.

Let’s go further out, to Alchemia od Kuchni in Kazimierz district. The restaurant is rather off the beaten track, when it comes to both location and style. Choose from the wide selection of street food from all over the world, they serve it on wooden trenchers, because plates in such a groundbreaking place would be too obvious.

Wondering what’s next? Here is a story. Once upon a time there was, and still is, the vegetarian paradise in Kraków, full of tofu cheesecake, tarts and hummus. It’s called Karma, and it's located in Krupnicza St. Have a breakfast sipping drip, aeropress or cold brew coffee. If you decide to take your dog with you, the staff won’t mind.

For American-style breakfast, choose Massolit Bakery & Cafe. They offer divine breakfast bagels, cakes and cookies baked on-site in a company of good coffee. It’s obvious that you cannot always take it slow, so this is a perfect place for a quick but relaxing break on one of these busy days.

Wesoła Cafe on Rakowiecka St. – note it down. The neon sign on the brick wall speaks for itself: "It’s better to drink coffee than not". The idea of both sweet and sour breakfast sets is a perfect solution if you’re too sleepy in the morning to make up your mind. The place is vivid and the menu largely depends on a staff invention and seasonal ingredients.

Are you in a rush? Pierwszy Lokal na Stolarskiej po Lewej Stronie Idąc od Małego Rynku is made for early birds who woke up too late to make it on time somewhere. This is the place where you’ll get a delicious sandwich to go before you manage to pronounce the offbeat name of this cafe. Grab a cup of coffee and have a nice day!

How about slowing down? Hummus Amamamusi on Augustiańska St. will satisfy slow food lovers and those who crave for vegetable proteins! Owners are two hummus hotheads. They offer a superb selection of wines to enjoy with your hummus, because good wine is always a good idea, even for a breakfast.

Another spot for Middle eastern cuisine fans is Cheder Cafe in Kazimierz District. Breakfast coffee served in an Arabic coffee pot, pita bread with hummus. The spirit of Jewishness is in the air! Visiting this official club of the Jewish Culture Festival can be a good start for trip to Jewish district.

Sometimes it happens that morning fuses with night and you find yourself over a shot of vodka instead of a coffee cup in hand. Don’t worry. Have a late night, or early morning herring in Ambasada Śledzia on Stolarska St. and defeat hangover in a Polish way! By the way it’s one of the 50 top things to do in Kraków according to our Local Life ranking.

If a herring for a breakfast doesn't seem too tempting, try Forum Przestrzenie. The venue is quite new but it has already been declared cult. With a bit of luck, you’ll come across the Najedzeni Fest food festival. Lie down on a sunbed next to the Vistula River and make up for the lost sleep.

It would be a pity to give a miss to such an occasion like breakfast in Kraków, so rise and shine! If you can’t make up your mind just yet, no frets. Luckily, after first breakfast there comes another, and the third...and so on.


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