Audio Art Festival

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The Audio Art Festival covers an array of audio and visual experiences in one festival. It usually takes place during the month of November. The hip Bunkier Sztuki Gallery (Plac Szczepanski 3a) usually hosts the show in collaboration with the Academy of Music (ul. Tomasza 43), Goethe-Institute (Rynek Główny 20) and Żarówka Cafe (ul. Floriańska 20). 





Audio Art is an experimental and postmodernist art of the close of XX century and the beginning of the XXI century. Audio Art is an integration of sound and visual art. Presentation of Audio Art appears in form of the concert, performance and installation. Audio Art creates new concept of sound source: as an object and musical instrument in certain space and time. Audio Art is a "one person art": composer, designer and performer unify the whole process of art creation. Audio Art uses low and high technology. Audio Art Festival presents individual artists from all over the world. Festival also presents other non-audio art events extending the whole image of the art based on sound.

All Audio Art Festival events are webcasted live

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