Bratislava International Film Festival

If you're in the Slovakian capital right now, you can't skip one of the most entertaining events - the 10th edition of the International Film Festival, which starts today.

The organizers planned a delightful variety of pictures. You'll be able to watch a selection of the best Slovakian short films, documetaries and features. We can't wait to see documentaries such as "Bhutan and Carstensz The Seventh Summit" and "Afghan Women Behind the Wheel", as well as "East Of Everest" and "The Optimist". Features include two interesting pictures: Vaclav Marhoul's "Tobruk" and Dusan Rapos "Gypsy Virgin". You can also see Viktor Csudai's comedy "Big Respect", Gabriel Hostaj's thriller "Surprise" and Daniel Rihak's "Smog". For the short films fans we recommend "Mill" by Mariana Cengel-Solcanska, "Rural Round" by Diana Novotna and "Clothes For Her" by Jana Szaboova. And if you're into animated shorts, you can always watch "About Socks and Love", "Metamorphoses" and "The String".

The whole review looks really good. It's going to last until December 5. If we were you, we certainly wouldn't like to miss it...


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